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Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on

Wednesday 8th November, 2006

in the Village Hall at 8.00 p.m.

Present were:

Mr Clark, Mrs Kesterton, Mrs Oliveira, Mr Perry, Mr Rixson & Mrs Clark (Clerk).

  1. Apologies for Absence

    Mrs Burton, Miss Collinson and Cllr Simon Walsh.

  2. In Attendance

    Cllr C. Down for the latter part of the meeting.

  3. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

    The minutes of the meeting held on 11th October, 2006 were agreed and signed.

  4. Matters Arising

    1. UALC Meeting 23rd November

      Mrs Oliveira, Mr Clark and Mr Rixson hoped to attend this meeting.

  5. Stansted Airport

    1. Stansted Generation 1 Planning Application

      Mrs Oliveira had attended, on 7th November, a seminar arranged by ERM which had produced the Health Impact Assessment for BAA. The HIA had suggested that an additional 10 million passengers a year would have a negligible effect on the health of the local people. Mrs Oliveira had asked a number of questions of the ERM representative.

    2. Takeley Parish Council

      Takeley Parish Council had issued a press release to advise that it was planning to take its case against B.A.A.'s H.O.S.S. scheme to the European Court of Human Rights, having failed to obtain leave to seek a judicial review.

  6. Footpaths

    1. Fallen Way-Marker at Moor End

      Mrs Oliveira reported that John Smith had agreed to repair the way-marker at Moor End.

  7. Village Hall

    1. Public Meeting

      The public meeting on 1st November had been attended by 15 people. The unanimous decision was that the hall should continue to be maintained, and that the Parish Council should take over responsibility for it. It was suggested that a rota of local tradesmen willing to do odd jobs for the hall should be compiled, as well as a rota for regular cleaning.

    2. Next Actions

      As a result of the views expressed at the public meeting it was unanimously agreed that the Council would seek to take over the legal and financial responsibility for the hall, proposed by Mrs Oliveira as Chairman. It was agreed to invite a representative of Great Easton Parish Council to the next meeting, as it had recent experience of taking over the running of a village hall. The Clerk was asked to arrange this, and to contact the Rural Community Council of Essex to see what advice it could offer. The Clerk was also asked to investigate what involvement the Charity Commissioners might have in the transfer of responsibilities.

  8. Brick End Bus Shelter

    A written estimate to rebuild the bus shelter for £3,511.00 plus VAT had been received from Peter Van Driessche, and a verbal estimate of £3,800.00 from George Turner. It was agreed to contact Mr Turner to get a written estimate, giving him the opportunity to revise his estimate. Upon receipt of this the Clerk was instructed to contact the insurance company to obtain permission to start the work.

  9. Correspondence

    1. East Area Panel Meeting

      An invitation to the East Area Panel Meeting on 21st November had been received. No-one was able to attend.

    2. Parish Liaison Meeting, 5th December

      An invitation to this meeting had been received. Mrs Oliveira and Mr Clark hoped to attend.

    3. Post Offices

      A letter had been received from the Countryside Alliance seeking support for its campaign against the closure of rural Post Offices. It was agreed to write a letter of support.

  10. Finance, including Verification of Cashbook, Signing of Cheques, and setting of Precept for 2007-2008

    1. Verification of Cashbook

      Mr Rixson had performed the necessary verification.

    2. Balances

      Balances as at 31st October, 2006 at Barclays Bank, Dunmow were reported as follows:

      Community Account (current) £290.07  
      Business Reserve Account (high rate deposit) £8,837.40  
        £9,127.47 *

      * of which £1,000 is committed to the Village Hall, and £1,000 is in the ECC Grant Account.

    3. Signing of Cheques

      There were no cheques to sign.

    4. Setting of Precept 2007-2008

      The Clerk presented a summary of expenditure in recent years to inform the discussion on the setting of the precept for 2007-2008. It was pointed out that the unknown factors that should be taken into account were the possibility of an election in May 2007, the insurance excess and possible shortfall in the cost of rebuilding the Brick End bus shelter, the cost of managing the village hall, and that Takeley Parish Council might request a further contribution towards its legal battle against B.A.A.'s H.O.S.S. scheme. It was agreed to defer a decision on the precept until the December meeting, when bus shelter costs should be known.

  11. Planning

    The current situation on planning applications is:

    1. Peartree Cottage, Cherry Green

      single storey rear extension

      Conditional Approval

    2. Bell Meadow

      change of use from paddock to smallholding for keeping pigs and poultry


    3. Wood Farm

      erection of two triple garages


  12. Any Other Business

    1. Fireworks

      Mrs Oliveira reported that she had received a number of complaints about the fireworks display held in the car park of the Prince of Wales on 5th November. She had reported these complaints to the licencee.

    2. Chitterlands

      Mrs Oliveira reported that she had received a complaint about a mobile home and a caravan which had been sited on Chitterlands opposite the Prince of Wales. She had spoken to the owner, who was keeping pigs and chickens on the land. It appeared that the small caravan was for the chickens to roost in and the mobile home was to be used to store pig food and pig medicine. Mrs Oliveira had raised the concern that, in the future, it might be claimed that the mobile home had been used as a residence, but the owner of the land had assured her that this was not the case. Mrs Oliveira had advised the new owner to check if planning permission was required with Uttlesford District Council.

      Note: It was subsequently ascertained from Uttlesford District Council that if the mobile home was used only for storage purposes planning permission was not needed.

    3. Chapel End

      Mr Perry reported on a fire that had severely damaged Fairacre in Chapel End. It appeared that the fire had been started by a fifteen year old resident of the children's home. Mr Perry reported that the fire brigade had been unable to locate a fire hydrant near to the home and had to collect water from Molehill Green.

      In a separate incident a customer at Mr Perry's nursery had been taken ill and the air ambulance had attended within ten minutes.

  13. Date of the Next Meeting

    It was agreed to hold a meeting in December, and this was arranged for Wednesday 6th December in the Village Hall at 8.00 p.m.

The meeting closed at 9.25 p.m.

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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

Stop Stansted Expansion

External link to the FIVE PARISHES

Five Parishes

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