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Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on

Wednesday 20th September, 2006

in the Village Hall at 8.00 p.m.

Present were:

Mrs Burton, Mr Clark, Miss Collinson, Mrs Kesterton, Mrs Oliveira, Mr Perry, Mr Rixson & Mrs Clark (Clerk).

In attendance:

Cllr C. Down

  1. Apologies for Absence

    There were no apologies for absence.

  2. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

    The minutes of the meeting held on 12th July, 2006 were agreed and signed.

  3. Matters Arising

    1. Civic Amenity Scheme Sunday, 21st May, 12.30 – 4.00 p.m.

      No response had been received from Uttlesford. It was agreed to wait until the bill arrived before doing anything further.

    2. East Area Panel Meetings

      Mrs Oliveira had spoken to Cllr. Gregory at the Meeting on 5th September. According to Cllr. Gregory the letter from Mr Bovaird had been sent in error – Stansted Airport will appear on the agenda for all future Area Panel Meetings.

    3. East Area Panel Meeting – 5th September, 2006

      Mrs Oliveira had attended this meeting. Among the topics discussed were Tourist Routes, a new tourist booklet in which Broxted is mentioned three times, and Stansted Airport.

  4. Stansted Airport

    1. Takeley Challenge to H.O.S.S.

      A ‘thankyou’ for our cheque for £1,000 had been received from Takeley Parish Council.

    2. BAA Owned Housing

      There had been no response to our letter to Strutt & Parker. Mrs Burton reported that some of the empty properties had now been let and others had been tidied up a bit.

    3. Stansted Generation 1 Planning Application

      It was reported that Uttlesford had announced that it would not be able to make the decision on 27th September, as planned, since responses from the Highways Agency, One Rail, Network Rail and DfT Rail were still awaited, together with those of Essex and Hertfordshire County Councils. It was understood that SSE and others were pressing Uttlesford to proceed to a decision without this input.

  5. Footpaths

    1. Footpath 39/40

      Mrs Oliveira reported that County was prepared to undertake the necessary remedial work.

    2. Electric Fence at The Maltings

      Mrs Oliveira reported that this was merely a tape and not an electric fence, and that the tenant had removed it.

    3. Fallen Sign at Moor End

      Mrs Oliveira reported that the base of the post supporting the waymark had rotted. Apparently way-marking is not a County responsibility, unless the Parish was a member of the Parish Paths Partnership. It was agreed to ask Stuart Walker to deal with the matter. It was agreed that any costs would be reimbursed, proposed by Mrs Oliveira, seconded by Mrs Kesterton.

  6. Correspondence

    1. Uttlesford Community Achievement Award Scheme

      Nominations for the annual awards were being sought. The closing date is 13th October.

    2. Parish Liaison Meeting – 3rd October, 2006

      The agenda for this meeting had been received. Mrs Oliveira and Mr Clark hoped to attend.

    3. The Gambling Act 2005

      A meeting has been arranged on 5th October by Uttlesford District Council to discuss the implementation of the Act which comes into force on 1st September, 2007. Mr Clark hoped to attend.

    4. Council for Voluntary Service Uttlesford

      The Clerk had completed a questionnaire for CVSU, and had received a £25 voucher in a lucky draw. It was agreed that she should be allowed to spend this on stationery.

  7. Finance, including Signing of Cheques and Verification of Cashbook

    1. Balances

      Balances as at 31st August, 2006 at Barclays Bank, Dunmow were reported as follows:

      Community Account (current) £204.07  
      Business Reserve Account (high rate deposit) £6,507.59  
        £6,711.66 *

      * of which £1,000 is committed to the Village Hall, and £1,000 is in the ECC Grant Account.

      Notification had been received that the second half year precept of £3,500 was due shortly.

    2. Signing of Cheques

      It was agreed to sign the following cheque:

      P. Clark, Salary & Expenses (Apr ’06 – Sep ’06) £628.00 salary, £388.50 expenses £1,016.50  

      A cheque had been drawn on 11th August, 2006 in favour of Lubbock Fine (External Auditors) for £141.00 in respect of the Audit Fee 2005/6.

    3. Verification of Cashbook

      Mr Rixson performed the necessary verification.

    4. Audit 2005/2006

      The accounts had been approved by the external auditor. There were no matters of concern.

  8. Planning

    1. Pledgdon Barn

      An email had been received from the resident who had been complaining about the activities at the scrap yard to report that it had closed down and that there was now no activity at the site. The Council had been thanked for its support.

    2. Other Applications

      The current situation on planning applications is:

      1. Church Hall Farm, Church End

        Conversion of the barn to eight bed & breakfast rooms

        Conditional Approval

      2. Woodcocks, Cherry Green

        Erection of a two storey side and single storey side extension

        Conditional Approval

      3. 1 The Maltings

        2 storey rear extension, first floor side extension and open cartlodge

        Conditional Approval

      4. Wood Farm, Pledgdon Green

        application for a Certificate of Lawfulness of land for residential use incorporating a tennis court


      5. Tudor Cottage, Brick End

        listed building consent for the replacement of French Doors

        Conditional Approval

      6. Chaureth Lodge, Cherry Green

        conversion of garage to playroom, including erection of single storey extension to the garage

        Conditional Approval

      7. Old School House, Cherry Green

        2 storey rear extension


      8. Peartree Cottage, Cherry Green

        single storey rear extension


  9. Village Hall

    The future of the Village Hall was discussed. Mrs Oliveira had spoken to many of the existing trustees who were in favour, in principle, of the Parish Council taking over the management of the hall. A discussion ensued in which various problems were identified (finance, the Charity Commisssioners, day-to-day running, village apathy) and whether or not we should try to maintain the hall when clearly there was little need for it at this time.

    It was agreed that Mrs Oliveira would draft an article for the November edition of the Five Parishes Magazine, and that a public meeting would be called for early November to discuss the issues. It was agreed to contact Great Easton Parish Council (which had recently taken over the running of its Village Hall), and the Rural Community Council of Essex (which has a Village Hall co-ordinator) for advice.

  10. Any Other Business

    1. Airport Related Fly Parking

      Mrs Oliveira had been approached by Clive Theobald, Enforcement Officer at Uttlesford District Council, with regard to complaints of fly parking at the Prince of Wales car park. She had told him that with the change of Licensee the parking had ceased.

  11. Date of the Next Meeting

    It was confirmed that the next meeting would be held on Wednesday, 11th October, 2006 at 8.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.

Cllr Down was thanked for her attendance at the meeting closed at 9.15 p.m.

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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

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External link to the FIVE PARISHES

Five Parishes

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