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Broxted, Essex  

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Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on

Wednesday, 10 November 2004

in the Village Hall

Present were:

Mr Clark, Mrs Oliveira, Mr Perry, Mr Rixson and Mrs Clark (Clerk).

  1. Apologies for Absence

    These had been received from Miss Collinson, Mrs Kesterton, Cllr Mrs Down, and P.C. Niki O'Mahony.

  2. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

    The minutes of the meeting held on 13th October, 2004 were agreed and signed.

  3. Matters Arising

    1. Parish & Town Charter

      There had been no reply from Uttlesford.

    2. Community Policeman

      Contact by e-mail had now been established with our Community Policeman, P.C. Niki O'Mahony who asked to be advised of any matters of police concern. She hoped to be able to attend a future meeting.

  4. Footpaths

    In the absence of the Footpath Representative there was nothing to report.

  5. Stansted Airport

    1. Visit to Track Monitoring Unit

      The Unit had asked for some suggested dates for the visit from the Council. Various dates were suggested which the Clerk was asked to pass on to those members not present, before going back to BAA.

    2. Consultation on Night Flying Restrictions from 31-10-05

      The Parish Council's response had been submitted in good time, with a copy forwarded to SSE. Mr Rixson asked for a copy for the website.

    3. Takeley Meeting to discuss HOSS

      A meeting on 18th November had been arranged by Takeley Parish Council for its residents, to which other neighbouring Parish Councils had been invited. Those members present were keen to attend.

  6. Correspondence

    1. UDC/Parish Council Liasion Meeting 16th November

      An invitation to attend this meeting had been received. Mr Clark volunteered to attend.

    2. CPRE

      An invitation to rejoin had been received. It was noted that the Parish Council had resigned its membership in May 2003 in protest at CPRE's decision not to support the SSE view on offshore airports and to abruptly withdraw from SSE without consultation within its membership. These differences had since been resolved with CPRE now fully supporting SSE. It was agreed to now re-affiliate.

  7. Finance

    1. Balances

      Balances as at 31st October, 2004 at Barclays Bank, Dunmow were reported as follows:

      Community Account (current) £531.20  
      Business Reserve Account (high rate deposit) £4,874.20  

    2. Signing of Cheques

      It was agreed to sign the following cheque:

      Peter Freeman – second half year hedge and grass cutting    £92.50  

    3. Precept 2005-2006

      After some discussion it was agreed to precept for £6,000, proposed by Mrs Oliveira, as Chairman, and unanimously agreed.

  8. Planning Matters

    The current position on planning matters is as follows:

    1. The Old Shop, 1 Cranham Road – first floor front extension, demolition of existing garage and erection of new detached garage


    2. Moor End Farm – change of use and conversion of cartshed to holiday/short term letting accommodation


    3. Whitehall Hotel – erection of single storey and 2 storey extension to provide 17 hotel bedrooms


  9. Any Other Business

    1. Telephone Box – Church End

      It was noted with regret that the old telephone box at Church End had been replaced by BT with a modern kiosk, despite representations from both Uttlesford and the Parish Council.

    2. East of England Plan

      This had now been agreed and was to go out to consultation for 14 weeks from 8th December. Uttlesford would also be consulting in the near future as to the siting of the proposed additional 2,700 new homes in addition to what is already planned.

    3. Grit Bin – The Maltings

      It was noted that the bin purchased earlier in the year had not yet been installed. The Clerk was asked to chase this up with Highways who had promised delivery in early October.

  10. Date of the Next Meeting

    After some discussion it was agreed that the trial of monthly meetings had proved successful and with the exception of meeting in August to make this permanent. It was therefore agreed that the next meeting be held on Wednesday, 8th December at 8.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 8.50 p.m.

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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

Stop Stansted Expansion

External link to the FIVE PARISHES

Five Parishes

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