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Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on

Wednesday, 14th July 2004

in the Village Hall

Present were:

Mr Clark, Mrs Kesterton, Mrs Oliveira, Mr Perry, Mr Rixson and Mrs Clark (Clerk).

  1. Apologies for Absence

    These had been received from Mrs Burton and Cllr Mrs Down.

  2. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

    The minutes of the meeting held on 9th June, 2004 were agreed and signed.

  3. Matters Arising

    1. West Essex Area Forum, 14th June

      Mr Clark attended this and reported on a number of presentations including Highways, Regional Planning, the sale of redundant educational buildings (locally the former school in Takeley is being considered) and physical violence within families.

    2. Planning Services Workshops 23rd & 29th June

      The two sessions, which followed the same format, had been attended by Mr Clark and Mrs Oliveira. The first part of the session was a presentation of the Parish Charter which set out the obligations of the District Council to Town and Parish Councils, and vice versa, but which was being rolled out without consultation. The rest of the evening dealt with planning matters, and the efficiency of the Planning department generally, which gave Mr Clark the opportunity to complain about the way our application for the erection of the Jubilee Sign had been handled. He was not alone in his criticisms of the department. It was explained that the department was very under-staffed, with each officer handling three times the recommended number of cases. The situation was being rectified, however, as approval had been obtained to increase the number of officers. The evening concluded with a presentation of the up-dated Uttlesford web-site.

    3. East of England Regional Assembly

      It was noted that the Planning Guidance for development in the London-Stansted-Peterborough corridor would be out for consultation in the autumn, and it was suggested this might be a suitable subject for discussion by the united parishes. The Clerk was asked to suggest this to Takeley.

  4. Footpaths

    Mrs Burton having received further complaints about the footpaths in the area of Woodview had contacted the landowner who had promised to clear them. She would be meeting shortly at the site with the footpath officer from Highways, when the fallen tree and electric fence would be inspected.

  5. Stansted Airport

    1. SSE Vanishing Villages 27th June

      This was felt to have been a very successful day with over £4,000 being raised, despite a lower attendance than last year.

    2. Meeting with BAA Managing Director 30th June

      This was felt to have been a friendly and informative meeting, despite the obviously differing opinions on expansion. The Managing Director had given an assurance that no more houses would be let to Herts Care, and advised that discussions were currently ongoing with a view to reduce the number of homes in the area from three to two. An invitation to view the track monitoring unit was extended.

    3. BAA Noise Seminar 2nd July, 2004

      This had been attended by Mr Clark and Mr Perry. They reported on an informative, if at times confusing meeting. A seminar on pollution was being planned for next year.

  6. Jubilee Sign

    Planning permission had now been obtained and it was hoped that the sign would soon be in place. Mr Clark was to inspect the flagpole map to see what, if any, renovations were required to the base.

  7. Correspondence

    1. Archaeology in the Pipeline

      A letter had been received from Saffron Walden Museum about the exhibition it was staging of finds unearthed along the route of the Cambridge – Matching Green gas pipeline in 2002. The six display boards from the exhibition were to be made available to interested villages once the exhibition had closed in November. The sites specifically mentioned in the exhibition included Broxted and members agreed to request the boards. The Clerk was asked to confirm this with the museum, and to write to Revd Greenslade to see if the exhibition could be housed in the church.

    2. UALC A.G.M. 29th July

      Details of the re-scheduled A.G.M. had been received, necessary since a quorum had not been achieved on the original date of 10th June. Mr Clark and Mrs Oliveira agreed to attend.

  8. Finance

    1. Balances

      Balances as at 30th June, 2004 at Barclays Bank, Dunmow were reported as follows:

      Community Account (current) £  495.79  
      Business Reserve Account (high rate deposit) £3,365.83  
      TOTAL £3,861.62  

    2. Audit

      This had been satisfactorily concluded with no points raised by the external auditor.

    3. Signing of Cheques

      It was agreed to sign the following cheques:

        Lubbock Fine – Audit Fee 2003/4 £141.00
        UALC – Annual Subscription £ 10.00

  9. Planning Matters

    The current position on planning matters is as follows:

    1. Thatched Cottage, Sucksted Green – erection of conservatory


    2. o/s 1 Cranham Road – erection of Jubilee Sign


    3. Broxted Hall – change of use from redundant farm buildings to 4 live/work units


  10. Any Other Business

    1. Highways – Brick End

      An arm had broken off the finger post by the Prince of Wales and the sign removed for repair. The damage had been reported by the Clerk, and also by a resident. It was also noted that some work had been started to widen the bend opposite The Rise on the Pledgdon Green Road. This work had been halted by the same resident contacting Highways. Whilst the involvement of residents in such matters was appreciated it was noted that a courtesy call to the Clerk advising of the action taken would have been appropriate.

  11. Date of the Next Meeting

    The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Wednesday, 8th September in the Village Hall at 8.00 p.m.

The meeting closed at 9.05 p.m.


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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

Stop Stansted Expansion

External link to the FIVE PARISHES

Five Parishes

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