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Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on

Wednesday, 12th May, 2004

in the Village Hall after the Annual Assembly

Present were:

Mrs Burton, Mr Clark, Miss Collinson, Mrs Kesterton, Mrs Oliveira, Mr Perry, and Mrs Clark (Clerk).

In attendance:

Cllr Mrs Down

  1. Election of Chairman 2004-2005

    Mrs Oliveira was unanimously elected, proposed by Mr Clark, seconded by Mrs Burton. Mrs Oliveira signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office, having indicated her intention of standing down as Chairman next year.

  2. Apologies for Absence

    These had been received from Mr Rixson and Cllr J. Whitehead.

  3. Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

    The minutes of the meeting held on 10th March, 2004 and of the Special Meeting held on 31st March, 2004 were agreed and signed.

  4. Matters Arising

    1. Main Meeting

      1. Jubilee Sign

        This was on show for the evening. The necessary planning application had finally been submitted and a decision expected in about eight weeks. It was reported that the Planning Department had acted very unprofessionally having failed to supply the correct application forms and, having initially advised that there were no fees payable by Parish Councils had subsequently levied a fee of £110. The Clerk was asked to write a letter of complaint to Uttlesford when appropriate.

      2. Emergency Plan

        This had now been updated and circulated to members, Uttlesford and Rev. Greenslade.

      3. Litter Bin opposite The Old Vicarage

        This had been installed by Dick Knowles and Cyril Monk, to whom grateful thanks were extended. Uttlesford had been advised that it was to be emptied on the regular bin day. A letter of thanks had been received from the occupants of the Old Vicarage who had also offered to empty it if necessary.

      4. Missing Highway Signs

        Within the last two weeks these had, at long last, been replaced.

      5. Salt Bin

        A letter had been received from Highways approving the siting of a salt bin on the hill between Maltings Bridge and Moor End Farm at a a cost of £100. A local resident, Mr Mansworth, had agreed to monitor the level of salt once the bin was installed and advise the Parish Council when it needed replenishing.

      6. Members Allowances

        Uttlesford had confirmed Broxted's inclusion in the scheme operated by the Remuneration Panel for the District in respect of the payment of travel and subsistence allowances.

      7. ECC Reception 16th April

        Mrs Oliveira reported a very pleasant evening reception held for Parishes that had contributed items for the display cabinet at Mayntrees.

      8. Vacancy on Parish Council

        The Clerk had, as requested, written to the resident who had not been co-opted and a most unpleasant reply had been received. This matter will not be taken any further.

      9. Hedge and Grass Cutting

        Peter Freeman had quoted £185 for hedge and grass cutting during the year, as previously. It was unanimously agreed that this be accepted, proposed by Mrs Kesterton and seconded by Mrs Oliveira.

      10. Recycling/Refuse Disposal

        The Clerk had written to Uttlesford about the proposal to phase out the free doorstep collection of unwanted bulky items. The Chief Executive had replied advising that the proposal was not currently supported by officers. He further advised that unsupervised village skips were likely to change to supervised skips for recyclable materials once the new civic amenity site in Dunmow opens in 2006. The Clerk had also been advised that the free skip that comes to the village three times a year is currently not under threat. The monthly provision of a supervised green waste skip to the villages is now being trialled with the first one due in Broxted on 16th May.

      11. Traffic Calming Brown's End Road

        Mrs Oliveira had attended a site meeting to discuss proposals which included the provision of a warning sign in the area of North Hall and a chevron on the bend by Brown's End Cottage.

    2. Special Meeting

      1. Member's Interests

        Dispensation had been granted individually to each current member of the Council, effective until the date of the next ordinary election of the Parish Council. Members were now all able to speak and vote on any issues relating to the airport at meetings of Broxted Parish Council despite the fact that they have personal or prejudicial interests.

      2. Home Owners' Support Scheme

        The Parish Council's response to the consultation had been forwarded to Terry Morgan, Managing Director BAA, Sir Alan Haselhurst and to SSE. BAA had replied stating that all replies would be considered before decisions on the scheme to be implemented were made and noting that "it was disappointing that Broxted Parish Council had chosen to reject two schemes put forward by BAA and to deem them ‘irrelevant’". Sir Alan had written to BAA on the Parish Council's behalf and had received a reply claiming a positive response. He, Sir Alan, supported the Parish Council's view and was prepared to make "vigorous representations to the Government if the scheme remains as exclusive as is presently drawn".

      3. Open Letter to Residents

        This had been distributed to all residents via the magazine, and an e-mail of support had been received.

  5. Footpaths

    Mrs Burton had written to the complainant about the footpath in Pledgdon Green bordered by an electric fence. She, Mrs Burton, was to talk to the landowner concerned to see if the fence could be moved back. Enquiries were to be made to as to who would be responsible should there ever be any litigation.

  6. Stansted Airport

    1. SSE Meeting 7th April

      This informative meeting had been addressed by Peter Sanders of SSE and attended by some 30 members of the public.

    2. Meeting with the Managing Director, Stansted Airport

      The Clerk had written as requested and received a telephone call offering one daytime meeting. The airport's Public Affairs Manager had agreed to come back to the Clerk by 12th May with suggested dates for an evening meeting. This he had failed to do. It was agreed not to pursue this at the present time in the belief that a meeting in the future might be even more informative.

    3. United Parish Councils

      The Clerk had written to Takeley Parish Council suggesting that the two Councils could benefit by co-operating closely in opposing BAA's plans. Mr Perry had attended a meeting convened by Takeley to discuss responses to the HOSS consultation document. Representatives from Great Easton, Tilty and Duton Hill had also attended, and it appeared all were of a similar opinion in their opposition.

  7. Correspondence

    1. Buckingham Palace Garden Party

      A letter had been received from EALC inviting nominations for a ballot for tickets to attend a Buckingham Palace Garden Party. The Clerk was asked to nominate Dick Knowles in recognition of his service to the Parish Council over forty-five years.

    2. Bishop's Stortford & District Citizens Advice Bureau

      A letter had been received appealing for donations following a reduction in East Herts District Council funding of £12,000. It was agreed to make a donation of £150.

  8. Election of Other Officers

    The Officers for 2004-2005 were all unanimously elected as follows:-

    Position Nominee Proposed Seconded
    Vice Chairman Mr Clark Mrs Burton Miss Collinson
    Community Assoc Mrs Kesterton Mr Clark Mrs Burton
    Village Hall Mrs Oliveira Mr Clark Mrs Kesterton
    Footpath Rep Mrs Burton Mrs Kesterton Mrs Oliveira
    Public Transport Rep Mrs Oliveira Mrs Kesterton Miss Collinson
    Tree Warden Miss Collinson Mrs Burton Mr Clark
    Dunmow & District Road Safety Committee No nominations    

  9. Finance

    1. Balances

      Balances as at 30th April, 2004 at Barclays Bank, Dunmow were reported as follows:

      Community Account (current) £2,277.25 *
      Business Reserve Account (high rate deposit) £2,360.98  
      TOTAL £4,638.23  

      * Includes first half-year precept just received.

    2. Signing of Cheques

      It was reported that the following two cheques had been drawn on 26th April:

      Uttlesford District Council – fee for planning application to erect Jubilee sign £110.00
      Alpha Signs – supply of Jubilee sign (as per agreed expenditure page 425 of the minutes) £641.55

      It was agreed to sign the following cheques:

      ECC purchase of salt bin £100.00
      EALC – annual subscription £114.09
      Council for Voluntary Service Uttlesford – annual subscription £10.00
      * Allianz Cornhill – insurance renewal £314.87
      Peter Freeman – first half year hedge and grass cutting £92.50
      Bishop's Stortford & District CAB - donation £150.00

      * The Jubilee sign and the litter bin at Church End were to be added to the insurance policy. An additional premium was to be expected.

    3. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

      It was unanimously agreed to keep the level of cover on the Clerk at £10,000, and that insurance on members was not necessary at this time. Proposed by Mrs Burton, seconded Mrs Oliveira.

    4. Presentation of Accounts

      The Clerk gave a brief presentation of the accounts for 2003-2004. It was unanimously agreed that these be adopted, proposed by Mrs Oliveira as Chairman.

    5. Audit Form 2003-2004

      The Statement of Assurance was unanimously agreed, proposed by Mrs Kesterton, seconded Mrs Burton. It was completed and signed by Mrs Oliveira, as Chairman. It was also agreed that Mr Lloyd of Henham be asked to act as internal auditor as previously. Proposed by Miss Collinson, seconded by Mrs Kesterton.

    6. Annual Review of Clerk's Salary and Expenses

      After some discussion it was unanimously agreed that the Clerk's salary be increased by £25 in line with inflation to £1,158 a year, and expenses by £100 to £725 per year, reflecting the dramatically increased work load, especially with the proposed expansion of the airport. Both these increases to be effective from 1st April, 2004, proposed by Mrs Kesterton, seconded by Mrs Burton and agreed unanimously. The Clerk was thanked for her work during the year.

    7. Village Hall

      The Clerk provided an approximate projection of expected expenditure for the current year and after some discussion it was agreed that up to £1,000 could be made available to the Village Hall Committee to assist with the cost of re-rendering the outside of the hall. It was understood that further estimates for the work were being obtained.

  10. Planning Matters

    The current position on planning matters is as follows:

    1. Aviation fuel pipeline and operations building

      Referred back to BAA

    2. Broxted Hill Farm – change of use and alteration of agricultural barns to 4 dwellings and work units


    3. Thatch Cottage, Sucksted Green – erection of conservatory


    4. Broxted Junction, Church End – 10 metre mock telegraph pole with support cabinet (for Orange)


    5. o/s 1 Cranham Road – erection of Jubilee Sign


  11. Any Other Business

    1. Overgrown Verges

      The Clerk was asked to advise Highways that the verges needed cutting back on the road between The Maltings and Broxted Hill, this being a well used route to school with obscured sight lines. The Clerk was also asked to see if the vegetation around the various road and village signs could be trimmed back.

    2. Dates for Future Meetings

      Members agreed to meet on the second Wednesday of every month for a trial period up to and including November, but excluding August. It was hoped that this would speed up decision making, consultation response and action generally, as well as hopefully reducing the length of meetings. The position would be reviewed in November and if monthly meetings proved successful a decision would be made about meeting in December. This was proposed by Mrs Oliveira as Chairman and unanimously agreed.

  12. Date of the Next Meeting

    The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Wednesday, 9th June in the Village Hall at 8.00 p.m.

Cllr Mrs Down was thanked for her attendance and the meeting closed at 10.35 p.m.


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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

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External link to the FIVE PARISHES

Five Parishes

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