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Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on

Wednesday, 12th November, 2003

in the Village Hall at 8.00 p.m.

Present were:

Mrs Burton, Mr Clark, Miss Collinson, Mrs Kesterton, Mrs Oliveira, Mr Rixson, and Mrs Clark (Clerk)

  1. Apologies for Absence

    These had been received from Cllr Mrs Down.

  2. Approval of Minutes of the Previous Meeting

    The minutes of the meeting held on 18th September, 2003 were agreed and signed.

  3. Matters Arising

    1. Membership

      Mrs Oliveira had met the resident who had previously shown interest in joining the council. This interest had not been maintained. Various other names were put forward to be followed up by members without delay.

      Action - All

    2. Jubilee Village Sign

      The Clerk had written, as requested, to Alpha Signs, accepting the quotation of £546.00 plus VAT. The old village flagpole had been examined and it was felt not to be suitable. It was agreed that the sign be mounted on a telegraph pole, or something similar. Mrs Burton felt that she had something that might suit. It was also agreed that the lettering on the sign should be gold on a black background. The Clerk was asked to advise Alpha Signs.

      Action - PC

    3. Emergency Planning

      Miss Collinson had been unable to attend the meeting held on 1st October, 2003 and would not be able to attend the one scheduled for 14th January, 2004 since this was the date of the next Parish Council meeting. The Parish Emergency Plan was now being re-typed.

      Action - RC

    4. Parish Memorabilia to County

      A Broxted Millennium mug had been sent to Essex County Council and a letter of thanks received. A reception for all contributing parishes was planned for the spring.

    5. Community Achievement Award Scheme

      The nomination form was about to be submitted.

      Action - PC

    6. Motorcycle Accident Reduction Initiative

      The two signs had been delivered, however, a letter had just been received from Uttlesford advising that even if they were placed on private land this would be in violation of Highways Regulations and therefore illegal.

    7. BAA Pipeline

      Mrs Oliveira had arranged to meet BAA jointly with Tilty. At the last minute, however, she was unable to attend. Tilty had reported back to her that a pipe inspection building was planned near the road in the parish, and that it would therefore be objecting to the plans.

    8. Cranham Road Hedge

      Uttlesford had advised that the work would be carried out as soon as possible.

  4. Footpaths

    Mrs Burton reported on the course she had recently attended, which she had found to be very useful. She was to investigate a complaint of an electric fence on a footpath in the area of Pledgdon Green.

    Action - CB

  5. Correspondence

    1. Register of Electors

      Request forms for the revised register of electors due for publication on 1st December, 2003 had been received.

    2. Airport Related Parking

      Details of an automated dedicated freephone service for use in gathering data about suspected airport related vehicles parked in residential areas had been received. The Clerk had arranged for the number to publicised in the next Five Parishes Magazine.

    3. Mobile Police & Community Vehicle

      A letter had been received from Essex Police Braintree Division advising that the existing rota was now being reviewed and asking if the Parish Council would like the vehicle to visit Broxted. If enough parishes that were not already on the rota expressed interest, a case would be made for a second vehicle in the Braintree Division. Members agreed that there was no apparent need for Broxted to be on the rota. The Clerk was to advise the Operations Manager at Braintree.

      Action - PC

    4. Speeding Traffic Through Woodgates End

      A resident of Woodgates End had been in correspondence with Highways about the possibility of speed reduction measures in the area. A copy of the reply to her had been passed to the Clerk in which it stated that should a scheme be agreed, funding would be provided from the Locally Determined Budget, once the support of the Parish Council had been received. The Clerk was asked to write to Highways in support of any speed reduction schemes deemed appropriate.

      Action - PC

  6. Finance

    1. Balances

      Balances as at 31st October, 2003 at Barclays Bank, Dunmow were reported as follows:

      Community Account (current) £ 857.18
      Business Reserve Account (high rate deposit) £5,049.68
      TOTAL £5,906.86

    2. Signing of Cheques

      It was agreed to sign the following cheque:

      Peter Freeman – second half year hedge & grass cutting £92.50

    3. Precept 2004-2005

      Members were reminded that, under Section 106 Local Government Act 1992, if anyone was in arrears for more than two months' Council Tax, he or she could speak in the discussion but not vote on the setting of the precept. After some discussion it was unanimously agreed to keep the precept as at present, namely £5,500, proposed by Miss Collinson and seconded by Mrs Burton.

  7. Planning Matters

    The current position on planning matters is as reported at the previous meeting on 18th September, 2003.

  8. Circulation of Information

    The Clerk reported that date sensitive information is still not being circulated and returned to her by the date requested. It was noted that envelopes of information are also not being circulated promptly. It was agreed that the Clerk make greater use of scanning information and e-mailing it as appropriate. Mrs Oliveira asked that consideration be given to holding monthly meetings in order to be sure that all deadlines are met.

  9. Broxted Directory

    Amendments to the Broxted Directory for 2004 were considered. It was suggested that the cover feature the Broxted badger and that the back page give basic demographic information. Spare copies were to be held to be given to new families moving in to the village during the year.

    Action - PC

  10. Any Other Business

    1. Planning Workshop 21st October, 2003

      Mrs Oliveira reported on the above which she had attended. She commented that the evening had been aimed at new Councillors explaining the planning system and how it evolved from central government to parish level.

    2. Stansted M11 Corridor Development Options Study – Meeting 27th October, 2003

      Mrs Oliveira reported on the above which she had attended. She noted that it had become evident that development would go ahead and that the role of local authorities would be to guide it into sensible areas, with priority being given to the provision of appropriate infrastructure.

    3. Litter Bin Opposite The Old Vicarage

      A request had been received for a litter bin to be provided opposite the Old Vicarage at Church End. The Clerk was enquire if Uttlesford was able to provide one, and if not to arrange the purchase of a suitable bin.

      Action - PC

    4. White Lines and Slow Signs at Church End

      It was reported that the white lines and slow signs at Church End, both at the Church Hall junction and the Thaxted / Great Easton junction opposite The Hobbits had become obliterated and were in need of re-painting. The Clerk was asked to inform Highways.

      Action - PC

    5. Flooding at Church End

      It was reported that the residents at Church End had dug out by hand the ditch opposite the Old Vicarage and had requested that the pipes in the area be cleared by Highways. The Clerk was asked to inform Highways.

      Action - PC

    6. Rubbish Outside The Prince of Wales

      It was reported that the kitchen waste from the Prince of Wales had not been cleared for several weeks and was becoming a health hazard. Mrs Oliveira offered to investigate.

      Action - JO

    7. Missing Highway Signs

      The Clerk was asked to remind Highways that it had agreed to replace the road signs that had been stolen some time ago.

      Action - PC

    8. Minutes of Meetings

      It was agreed that in future an expurgated version of the minutes be posted on the web-site and notice boards.

      Action - PC

  11. Date of the Next Meeting

    The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Wednesday 14th January, 2004 at 8.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 9.25 p.m.

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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

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External link to the FIVE PARISHES

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