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Broxted, Essex  

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Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on Wednesday, 9th July, 2003 in the Village Hall.

Present were:

Mrs Burton, Mr Clark, Miss Collinson, Mrs Kesterton, Mrs Oliveira, Mr Rixson, and Mrs Clark (Clerk).

In Attendance:

Cllr Mrs Down, Mr & Mrs Knowles (for some of the meeting).

  1. Apologies for Absence

    These had been received from Cllr Whitehead.

  2. Membership

    The meeting began with a presentation by Mrs Oliveira to Mr Knowles, marking his recent retirement from the Council. She noted that he had been co-opted in March, 1958 and had served as Chairman from May, 1967 to April, 1983, a total of 45 years as a Councillor, 16 of which as Chairman. Mrs Knowles was presented with a bouquet, in recognition of her support over many years. See pictures below.

    Mr Rixson was then welcomed as a new member, having been co-opted to fill the vacancy arising from the retirement of Mr Knowles. He duly signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office. Mrs Down was also welcomed as our recently elected District Councillor. Mrs Oliveira then announced the resignation from the Council of Mrs Flook. The Clerk was to advise Uttlesford.

  3. Approval of Minutes of the Previous Meeting

    The minutes of the annual meeting held on 14th May, 2003 were agreed and signed.

  4. Matters Arising

    1. Jubilee Village Sign

      Mrs Oliveira had spoken to Pleshey Forge who had suggested a price of about £450 + VAT. She had approached another local business in Debden which had appeared unwilling to quote. A formal quotation is expected shortly from Pleshey Forge. The diameter and height of the flagpole upon which the sign is to be mounted would be required. It was suggested that Mr Knowles might be willing to assist.

    2. Emergency Planning / Plans

      Miss Collinson had yet to update the Emergency Plan. This was now becoming urgent. Mrs Oliveira would continue to be the Parish Emergency Co-ordinator. Details of an emergency planning exercise to be held on 30th July had been received. Miss Collinson was to attend.

    3. Postal Deliveries

      A reply had been received from Postwatch expressing disappointment with the response from Royal Mail. It was agreed not to take the matter further.

    4. Delfit's Lane

      The lane had now been resurfaced and the planned pinch point at either was not put in place. Members were still concerned about the safety of motor users of the lane at either end. The Clerk was asked to write to Highways requesting that ‘Give Way’ signs be erected on the lane at either end and also a cross-roads sign on the road at Sucksted Green.

    5. CPRE

      A lengthy reply justifying the actions of CPRE had been received. This was to be circulated.

    6. Stansted Airport

      The consultation period had now ended and the White Paper on the future of Air Transport was expected later in the year. The Open Gardens as part of the Vanishing Villages on 29th June had attracted 2,000 visitors and raised about £7,000. Grateful thanks were extended to all those who had helped in any way.

  5. Correspondence

    1. Rural Community Council of Essex

      It was agreed to renew membership for the period 1st July, 2003 to 30th June, 2004 at a cost of £35.

    2. Coopers End Roundabout

      A letter had been received from Takeley Parish Council following a meeting they had had with Highways about future plans for the old A120 once the new by-pass was opened. They wanted our support in pressing for the immediate closure of Coopers End roundabout to stop rat-running traffic using the lanes in Takeley and other villages. After some discussion about the effect closure would have on local roads, villagers and local businesses it was agreed that such a move could not be supported. A vote was taken: 4 in favour of keeping the roundabout open, 1 against, 1 abstention. The Clerk was asked to convey the Council's thoughts to Takeley Parish Council.

  6. Finance

    1. Balances

      Balances as at 30th June, 2003 at Barclays Bank, Dunmow were reported as follows:

      Community Account (current) £930.14
      Business Reserve Account (high rate deposit) £3,044.80
      TOTAL £3,974.94

    2. Signing of Cheques

      It was agreed to sign the following cheque:

      R.C.C.E. – annual subs £35.00

    3. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

      It was unanimously agreed to keep the level of insurance on the Clerk at £10,000 and that cover on members was not necessary at this time. Proposed by Mr Clark and seconded by Mrs Oliveira.

    4. Annual Review of Clerk's Salary

      After some discussion it was unanimously agreed that the Clerk's salary be increased to £1,133.00 per year and expenses to £625.00 per year both effective from 1st April, 2003. This was proposed by Mrs Oliveira, as Chairman.

    5. Audit Form 2002-03

      The Statement of Assurance was unanimously agreed, proposed by Mrs Kesterton and seconded by Mrs Burton. It was signed by Mrs Oliveira, as Chairman.

  7. Planning Matters

    The current position on planning matters is:-

    Moor End Farm

    - conversion of barn to dwelling

    - conditional approval.

  8. Any Other Business

    1. Highways

      The Clerk was asked to advise Highways that the grass on the bank at the junction opposite Ashgrove at Church End is in urgent need of cutting back since it is obscuring the sight line.

    2. Parish Memorabilia to County

      The County Council had requested items from Parishes for display in the foyer at County Hall. The Clerk was asked to arrange for a millennium mug to be made available.

    3. Parish Website

      Mr Rixson, as Webmaster, appealed for photographs of the Open Gardens event.

  9. Date of the Next Meeting

    The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Wednesday, 17th September, 2003 in the Village Hall at 8.00 p.m. PLEASE NOTE this is a week later than normal.

Mrs Down was thanked for her attendance and the meeting closed at 9.45 p.m.


9 July 2003 at the Village Hall;

Dick and Peggy Knowles receive a presentation from Jenny Oliveira on behalf of the Parish Council:

Jenny Oliveira makes a presentation to Dick & Peggy Knowles, 9 July 2003 Dick and Peggy Knowles with presentations from the Parish Council, 9 July 2003

Photographs by Roger Clark.

Click on a picture above to see a full-screen version. The size of each file is approximately 45KB.


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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

Stop Stansted Expansion

External link to the FIVE PARISHES

Five Parishes

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