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Minutes of the Meeting of the Parish Council held on

Wednesday, 8th May, 2002

in the Village Hall

Present were:

Mr R. Clark, Mrs Flook, Mrs Kesterton, Mrs Oliveira, and Mrs Clark (Clerk).

In Attendance were:

Mrs Cheetham and Mr Whitehead.

  1. Apologies for Absence

    These had been received from Miss Collinson, Mr Knowles and Mr Jones.

  2. Membership

    Uttlesford had been advised of the vacancy and notices about filling it had been placed around the village.

  3. Approval of Minutes of the Previous Meeting 13th March, 2002, and the Special meeting 10th April, 2002

    The minutes of the previous meeting, held on 13th March, 2002 and the Special Meeting held on 10th April, 2002 to adopt the new Code of Conduct, having been circulated, were agreed and signed.

  4. Matters Arising

    1. New Ethical Framework

      A copy letter to UALC from Uttlesford about the make up of the Standards Committee had been received. This contained the results of the questionnaire sent to all Parishes recently. It was confirmed that two representatives should be appointed by UALC, one from a small parish and one from a large parish, to be defined by UALC, and also that a separate Standards Sub-Committee was not necessary at this time.

      The parish Council was obliged to advertise in a local paper that it had adopted a new Code of Conduct, and the Clerk had advised Uttlesford that it wished to be included in a block entry on the Uttlesford page in the local press. This decision was ratified by members, who also agreed to purchase a copy of the definitive publication on the new ethical framework "A Practioner's Guide" at a cost of £9.95. This was considered by EALC and NALC to be an essential publication in the light of the new and apparently simplified audit regime which was being introduced.

    2. Hill Pasture

      Highways had advised that the site would be investigated to locate the spring and pipe it as necessary. It was reported that there had been works at the site recently but that the road was still wet.

    3. Housing Needs Survey

      Survey forms had been distributed and most had now been delivered.

    4. Dumping of Cars at Brick End

      A letter had been received from Uttlesford advising that it was writing to the landowner's agent proposing that all the cars be moved to the site entrance from where they would be removed by a contractor and either stored or disposed of. The landowner would need to move the vehicles although the cost of collection would be borne by Uttlesford as a ‘one off’. The landowner would then need to secure the entrance to the field to prevent a similar occurrence happening again. If this proposal was unacceptable to the landowner, powers under the Town and Country Planning Acts would be considered.

    5. Public Transport Forum

      There was nothing to report.

    6. Footway – Chapel End

      Works were nearing completion.

    7. Village Civic Amenity Scheme

      The free skip had been in the village over the weekend 20th/21st April sited at the Village Hall, and without any publicity in the Five Parishes Magazine it was quickly filled to overflowing. The Clerk was asked to put an article in the magazine reminding villagers of the free collection service for bulky items offered by Uttlesford. It was also suggested that she talk to both Uttlesford and neighbouring parishes who now had skips for a shorter period, but which were supervised.

    8. Litter Sweep

      This had taken place and the usual rubbish cleared, albeit only temporarily. The Clerk had contacted Uttlesford who had advised that it is part of the Council's Street Cleaning Contract to clear litter from verges throughout the district. Mrs Cheetham advised that if there was a particular problem, Uttlesford should be advised and it would attend within two days.

    9. Hedge and Grass Cutting

      A quotation for £185 for hedge and grass cutting in 2002 had been received from Peter Freeman. It was agreed to accept this, and, as previously, pay in two halves, one due now and the other at the end of the season.

    10. Stansted Airport Expansion Planning Meeting

      The Saffron Walden session on 24th April had been attended by Mr Clark and Mrs Oliveira. Some 20-30 people had each spoken for two minutes, the vast majority giving reasons to oppose the application.

  5. Correspondence

    1. Bishop's Stortford & District C.A.B. A.G.M 12th June

      No-one was able to attend.

    2. Distribution of Minutes

      A request had been received from Jan Moller of the Dunmow, Braintree and Witham Times to be sent copies of the minutes. It was agreed that these be sent to her at the same time as they are posted on noticeboards, with a note explaining that they had not yet been approved.

    3. UALC A.G.M. 16th May

      Mr Clark indicated that he may be able to attend.

    4. Policing in Uttlesford

      A letter had been received from Uttlesford asking for views on policing in the district in order to assist with its continuing dialogue with the Police Authority about resources deployed in the district. Examples of both particular difficulties and good practice were required. The Clerk was asked to reply advising that the local police do respond when asked, and noting that the park & ride scheme for officers is a good idea. The offer from our local officer P.C. Rout to try to change his shifts in order to hold a fifteen minute surgery in the Village Hall before each Parish Council meeting was felt to be worthy of comment.

    5. Best Value Review of Planning Services Forums

      Details of the above had been received with sessions fixed for 10th, 13th and 23rd May. Mrs Cheetham advised that take-up had been low and that the forums may have been cancelled. She was to advise the Clerk.

    6. District Plan First Deposit – Consideration of Representations

      A letter had been received in response to the representations made in December 2001 listing the change in policies that had been agreed so far. It was understood that there was likely to be no objection to the use of part of Bell Meadow as a recreational facility for the village, but the building of a dwelling on the site was unlikely to be allowed.

    7. Uttlesford Volunteer Bureau A.G.M. 21st May

      No one was able to attend.

  6. Queen's Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

      A brief resume of the arrangements so far was given.

  7. Finance

    1. Balances

      Balances as at 30th April, 2002 at Barclays Bank, Dunmow were reported as follows:

      Community Account (current) £2,829.37 *
      High Interest Business Account (high rate deposit) £3,802.47  

      * This amount includes the first half year precept and 2001-2002 VAT refund, both just received.

    2. Budgets

      As at 30th April, 2002 these stood as follows:

      Category Allocated Spent
      General Admin inc S.137 £5,500.00 £4,681.26
      Contingency Fund £1,000.00 £176.25
      Capital Fund balance of funds £nil
      Queen's Golden Jubilee £1,200.00 £303.25

      It was agreed to work to the following budgets in 2002-2003:

      Category Allocated
      General Admin inc S.137 £5,500.00
      Contingency Fund £1,000.00
      Village Hall £1,000.00
      Queen's Golden Jubilee (balance) £900.00
      Capital Fund balance of funds
    3. Cheques

      It was agreed to issue the following cheques:

      EALC – Annual Subs £101.66  
      RCCE – Annual Subs £25.00  
      UVB – Annual Subs £5.00  
      E.C.C. – Supply of two signs for The Maltings £480.88  
      EALC – supply one copy ‘A Practioner's Guide’ £9.95  
      Cornhill Insurance – annual renewal premium £226.25 *
      Peter Freeman – 1st half years grass cutting £92.50  

      * Mr Clark declared an interest as an employee of Aon Limited, the brokers for this insurance with Cornhill Insurance Company. He had previously checked the policy in his professional capacity and felt the cover to be adequate at this time

    4. Presentation of Accounts 2001-2002

      Copies of the accounts were handed to members and the Clerk answered any queries. It was then unanimously agreed that these be accepted, proposed by Mrs Oliveira and seconded by Mrs Kesterton.

    5. Annual Review of Clerk's Salary

      In view of the late hour and few members present it was agreed to defer this item to the next meeting.

    6. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

      After some discussion it was unanimously agreed to keep the level on the Clerk at £10,000 as at present, and that cover on members was not necessary at this time, proposed by Mrs Oliveira and seconded by Mrs Kesterton.

  8. Planning Matters

    1. Pledgdon Barn, Wood Farm

      re-instatement of barn roof (Listed Building consent only)


    2. Brown's End Cottage

      erection of pool building


  9. Any Other Business

    There was no other business for discussion.

  10. Date of the Next Meeting

    It was confirmed that the next meeting, which would be the Annual Meeting when officers for the year were elected, would be held on Wednesday, 10th July at 8.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.

Mrs Cheetham and Mr Whitehead were thanked for their attendance and the meeting closed at 9.40 p.m.

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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

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External link to the FIVE PARISHES

Five Parishes

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