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Minutes of the Meeting of The Parish Council held on

13th March, 2002

in the Village Hall at 8.00 p.m.

Present were:

Mr M. Clark, Mr R. Clark, Mrs Flook, Mrs Kesterton, Mr Knowles, Mrs Oliveira, Mrs Clark (Clerk).

  1. Apologies for Absence

    These had been received from Miss Collinson.

  2. Approval of Minutes of the Previous Meeting

    The minutes of the previous meeting, having been circulated, were agreed and signed.

  3. Matters Arising

    1. Dumping of Cars at Brick End

      A letter had been received from Uttlesford advising that contact had been made with the agents acting for the landowner. The request to the alleged ‘dumper’ of the vehicles to remove them had been ignored. The landowner had given Uttlesford permission to remove the cars but was not himself prepared to do so for fear of being sued for any damage sustained by vehicles not belonging to him (!). The Clerk was asked to write back referring to Uttlesford's letter of 26th October when the possibility of direct action being taken was mentioned.

    2. Great Easton School – Proposed Financial Contribution to Rebecca Meade Trust

      The Clerk had sought advice from EALC as to whether the Parish Council would be allowed to make a contribution to the Rebecca Meade Trust. The reply had been most emphatically that such a contribution should not be made. The Parish Council had no specific powers to make such a contribution and the use of Section 137 would very likely be queried by the auditor. Mr R. Clark had also sought advice from the Diocesan Education Officer. The Clerk was asked to write to the Chairman of the Governors at the school.

    3. Uttlesford Community Achievement Award

      A posthumous award had been made to Dave Andersen. This had been received by his widow, accompanied by two of his daughters, at a recent reception.

    4. Hill Pasture

      Nothing had been heard from Highways since 4th December 2001 despite its intention to report back by 4th February 2002. The Clerk was asked to pursue this.

    5. Housing Needs Survey

      Mrs Moor had been replaced by Julie Pavitt who had forwarded a draft proposed questionnaire to be used. Members agreed to go ahead with the survey and hand deliver the forms to every household in the village. Return would be by means of a reply-paid envelope and the results analysed by the Trust with a full report to be submitted to the Parish Council. There would be no cost at all to the Council. A public meeting to launch the survey was not felt to be necessary. Publicity would be via the Five Parishes Magazine and by posters. The Clerk was to advise the Rural Housing Trust accordingly.

    6. Public Transport Forum

      There was nothing to report.

    7. Footway – Chapel End

      Work on this was about to start.

    8. Provision of Recreational Land in the Village

      A formal letter from Uttlesford acknowledging the submission made about Bell Meadow had been received.

  4. Correspondence

    1. Chairman's Charity Quiz Night 22nd March

      It was agreed to enter a team for the above, to be held in aid of Buffy Bus and Rescu.

    2. Village Civic Amenity Scheme

      Members were advised that the free skip was due in the village again over the weekend 20th/21st April, to be sited in the car park of the Village Hall.

    3. New Code of Conduct and Standards Committee

      The Clerk was due to attend a training course about implementation of the new Code of Conduct which had to be accepted by 5th May, 2002. It was agreed to hold a special meeting on Wednesday 10th April in order to adopt the new Code, sign new Declarations of Acceptance of Office and complete Register of Members Interests which were all new statutory requirements. A questionnaire had been issued from Uttlesford about Town and Parish Council representation on the Standards Committee. Members felt that there should be two representatives appointed by UALC, one from a small parish and one from a large parish, defined by population. It was also felt that a Standards Sub-Committee was not necessary at this time.

    4. Planning Green Paper

      A letter had been received from the Leader of Essex County Council concerning the above, which proposed that a new regional planning level at Cambridge be brought into the decision making process. This could result in decisions on major issues, i.e. the proposed expansion of Stansted Airport, being made in Parliament. Since the Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions (DTLR) had failed to send the Green Paper to Town and Parish Councils they had been unable to make informed comment. It was considered that the interests of local democracy would not be served with the introduction of this new tier and the removal of the Public Inquiry option. The Clerk was asked to forward these comments to the DTLR.

    5. Development of a Rural Road Hierarchy

      Comments on the above had been invited. Whilst understanding the proposals, and sympathising with the problem, members felt that education and a greater police presence in rural areas was the only real solution. The Clerk was asked to forward these comments to Essex County Council.

  5. Queen's Golden Jubilee Celebrations.

    An initial meeting of those interested in helping with the celebrations had been held. A family event was planned, starting with entertainment for children and tea for older members of the village, rounded off by a disco and a few fireworks. Members agreed that a budget of £1,200 be set as the Parish Council's contribution towards the Jubilee celebrations in the village. This was proposed by Mrs Flook, seconded by Mrs Kesterton and agreed unanimously. It was agreed that from this budget the hire of a marquee for the day at £485.00 plus VAT, two toilets at £190.00 plus VAT and the evening disco at £150.00 be paid – all proposed by Mr R. Clark, seconded by Mrs Kesterton and agreed unanimously. It was noted that the Community Association was paying for the children's entertainments.

  6. Finance

    1. Balances

      Balances as at 28th February, 2002 at Barclays Bank, Dunmow were reported as follows:

      Community Account (current) £391.57 *
      High Interest Business Account (high rate deposit) £4,781.08  

      * This amount includes the first half year precept and 2001-2002 VAT refund, both just received.

    2. Budgets

      As at 28th February, 2002 these stood as follows:

      Category Allocated Spent
      General Admin inc S.137 £5,500.00 £3,704.84
      Contingency Fund £1,000.00 £176.25
      Capital Fund balance of funds £nil
    3. Cheques

      The following cheques had been issued prior to the meeting:

      B.S.W. Marquees Ltd deposit re marquee hire for Jubilee celebrations £80.00
      Audit Commission Audit Fee 2000-2001 £142.76
      UALC postage re survey returns £19.76

      It was agreed to issue the following cheques:

      Bishop's Stortford & District CAB donation £100.00
      Speedyloo hire of two toilets for Jubilee celebrations £223.25
      P. Clark Oct-Mar Salary £405.00, expenses £287.00, heating £11.00, printing Broxted Directory £10.90 £713.90
      Local Council Review Annual Subscription £10.99
      CVS, Uttlesford Membership Subscription £10.00

    4. Annual Review of Clerks Salary and Expenses

      It was agreed to defer discussions until the next meeting, when details of hours worked by the Clerk and National guidelines on payment would be available.

  7. Planning Matters

    The current position on planning matters is:

    1. Oakmead, Brick End

      first floor rear extension

      written appeal dismissed

    2. Chaureth Hall

      renewal of permission for change of use, alterations and conversion of redundant barn to form dwelling with associated garaging and access


    3. Brown's End Cottage

      erection of pool building, replacing consent for detached barn and pool extension


  8. Any Other Business

    1. Litter Sweep

      Arrangements for the above to be held on 16th March were finalised. It was noted that the local council had been observed clearing up litter in neighbouring authority areas and the Clerk was asked to write to Uttlesford enquiring about its litter policy.

    2. Hedge and Grass Cutting

      The Clerk was asked to obtain a quotation from Peter Freeman for hedge and grass cutting in 2002 in the same areas as 2001.

    3. Village Hall

      The Village Hall Committee had accepted a quotation for £2,000.00 for a path with wheelchair access at the rear of the hall. It was proposed by Mrs Flook, seconded by Mrs Kesterton and carried unanimously that a sum of £1,000.00 be allocated to this project in 2002-2003.

    4. Forthcoming Resignation

      Mr M. Clark announced his intention to resign once he had a firm date for his move from the village. It was noted that this would be a great loss to the Parish Council and to the community as a whole.

  9. Date of the Next Meeting

    It was confirmed that the next meeting would be on Wednesday, 8th May, 2002, following the Annual Parish Assembly which was to be held at 7.30 p.m. The Annual Assembly would be attended by P.C. Rout accompanied by either Inspector Wrigley or Sgt. Welham of Dunmow. The Clerk would give this due publicity in the hope of attracting members of the public to the meeting.

The meeting closed at 10.00 p.m.

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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

Stop Stansted Expansion

External link to the FIVE PARISHES

Five Parishes

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