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Minutes of the Meeting of The Parish Council held on

14th November, 2001

in the Village Hall at 8.00 p.m.

Present were:

Mr M. Clark, Mr R. Clark, Miss Collinson, Mrs Flook, Mrs Kesterton, Mrs Oliveira, and Mrs Clark (Clerk).

  1. Apologies for Absence

    These had been received from Mr Knowles and Mr Whitehead.

  2. Approval of Minutes of the Previous Meeting

    The minutes of the previous meeting, having been circulated, were agreed and signed.

  3. Matters Arising

    1. Provision of Recreational Land in the Village

      Uttlesford had advised that planning permission for change of use on the plot of land at Brick End would be necessary and that an application would be likely to be received favourably by the planners.

    2. Dumping of Cars at Brick End

      Uttlesford Enforcement Officer had written detailing progress to date. A Requisition for Information had been served on the landowner but not yet returned to the Council. Royal Mail advised that he now lived in the U.S.A. Land Registry still shows the name of the owner as believed and an attempt is being made to find a forwarding address for him through the letting agents. The site has recently been inspected showing that eight wrecked cars are being stored, together with various car body parts. These had been photographed. Discussions are taking place with Environmental Services about the possibility of direct action being taken to remove the vehicles under statutory powers, although as they are on private as opposed to public land this need very careful investigation.

    3. Potholes – Cranham Road

      These had recently been filled in, and thanks received from a very grateful resident.

    4. Village Map

      This was being worked on.

    5. Website

      Mr Clark had talked briefly with Mr Rixson and work on the Parish Council web-site was proceeding. Mr Rixson had agreed to cover the costs of setting up the web-site.

    6. Great Easton School

      No reply had yet been received from Great Easton Parish Council advising the name of the Minor Authority Representative on the board of Governors, although an un-dated set of minutes had recently been sent to the Clerk. The Clerk was asked to write again.

    7. Queen's Golden Jubilee 2002 – Celebrations

      A letter had been received from the owners of the Old Vicarage advising that since they do not yet own the fields backing on to their property they are unable to help at present. Should the position change the Clerk will be advised. Miss Collinson offered to investigate the possible use of another site in the village.

    8. Community Achievement Awards 2001-2002

      Awards are due to be made at the end of November. Uttlesford had been informed of the recent death of the Parish Council's nominee, Dave Andersen, and had advised that posthumous awards are possible.

    9. Highways – Locally Determined Budget

      A letter had been received advising that a sum of £3,500 had been allocated from the 2002-2003 budget for speed reduction measures in Chapel End between Rat's Castle Farm and The Chapel, based on experience of such schemes, although no firm proposals had yet been drawn up. The Parish Council would be consulted as soon as a design was available, but it was likely to include additional road markings and signs. The Clerk was asked to advise that the scheme should remain in the budget.

    10. Brown's End Road Sign

      The production of the wooden arrow is in hand.

    11. Moor End Farm

      A reply had yet to be received from Uttlesford.

    12. Hill Pasture

      It was reported that despite two attempts to carry out repairs, water is still running in the road. The Clerk was asked to report this again to Highways, noting the waste of resources and suggesting again that the problem might be a natural spring which would need to be piped.

  4. Housing Needs Survey

    Mrs Moor had been unable to attend the meeting and had suggested that she be contacted direct by the Clerk to discuss queries raised by members. These were firstly, what percentage return of questionnaires delivered would be considered sufficient to analyse and act upon, and secondly, that the return of forms should be by means of a reply paid envelope.

  5. Correspondence

    1. Uttlesford Citizens Advice Bureau

      A request for a donation had been received. It was agreed to consider this in January, when grants and donations are made.

    2. Flood Emergency – Community Action

      A letter had been received from Uttlesford Emergency Planning Officer inviting representatives to attend a meeting and workshop to discuss ways of improving the provision of help to local communities in emergencies such as the recent flooding. Mrs Flook and Mrs Oliveira agreed to attend the meeting to be held in Dunmow on 22nd November.

    3. Proposed Gas Pipeline – Cambridge to Matching Green

      Details of the route of the above, which passes through Broxted along the route of the existing pipeline, had been received. Construction was planned between Spring and Autumn, 2002.

    4. Great Easton School

      A letter had been received from the Chairman of the Governors reminding the Council of the Governors' statutory responsibility to provide 15% of all capital expenditure at the school. Income is raised mainly by Governors events and also from the Rebecca Meade Trust, and currently funds have been exhausted. One solution would be to endow the Trust with sufficient capital that current projects could be funded from the interest accruing. The capital could be raised and maintained by each of the three minor local authorities making an annual contribution based on their electoral roll numbers. The Clerk was asked to investigate whether the Parish Council was authorised to give money for educational purposes, and to advise the Chairman of the Governors that the proposal was being considered.

    5. Footway Scheme – Chapel End

      A copy of a letter written by Mr Whitehead, our County Councillor, to John Stent, Managing Director of Stansted Airport Limited, bemoaning the way the Airport, and its Agents, were dragging their heels with regard to the provision of a little land at Chapel End for the provision of this footway, had been received. It was agreed to write to Mr Stent, with copies to the local paper and to Sir Alan Haselhurst, M.P., adding our voice to the complaints raised by Mr Whitehead.

      [After Note – Before this letter had been written news was received that, under threat of Compulsory Purchase, the Airport had given in, and that work would start in the New Year.]

  6. Finance

    1. Balances

      Balances as at 31st October, 2001 at Barclays Bank, Dunmow were reported as follows:

      Community Account (current) £518.81  
      High Interest Business Account (high rate deposit) £6,158.42  

    2. Budgets

      As at 31st October, 2001 these stood as follows:

      Category Allocated Spent
      General Admin inc S.137 £5,500.00 £1,336.04
      Contingency Fund £1,000.00 £176.25
      Capital Fund balance of funds £nil
    3. Cheques

      It was agreed to sign the following cheques:

      Peter Freeman
      second half year hedge and grass cutting
      Uttlesford Area Access Group
      annual subs

    4. Precept 2002-2003

      Members were reminded that, under S106 Local Government Finance Act 1992, if anyone was in arrears for more than two months Council Tax, he or she could speak in the discussion but not vote in the setting of the precept.

      After some discussion it was unanimously agreed to precept for £5,000, proposed by Mrs Oliveira, seconded Mrs Flook. The increase was necessary to finance the proposed celebration of the Queen's Golden Jubilee and to cover a possible donation to Great Easton School (see 5d above). Members were also mindful of the possible need to help the Village Hall Management Committee with improvements and renovations to the hall.

  7. Planning Matters

    The current position on planning matters is:

    1. Shingle Cottage, Sucksted Green

      erection of conservatory

      conditional approval

    2. The Rise, Brick End

      variation of conditions relating to Midline Ltd

      conditional approval

    3. Oakmead, Brick End

      first floor rear extension

      gone to written appeal – awaited

    4. Fairacre, Chapel End

      application for a certificate of lawfulness for use as a children's home for 2 youngsters aged between 11 and 17 with 24 hour non-residential care by a maximum of three non-residential staff

      certificate of lawful use approved

    5. Stansted Airport

      Application for works required to expand to 25 mppa

      This application had been circulated amongst members and the Clerk was collating comments in order to reply.

      Mrs Oliveira had attended the meeting convened by Stansted Mountfitchet Parish Council of all councils within an eight mile radius of the airport to discuss the document that had been drawn up following submissions by those councils. There was some disappointment that the main thrust of the draft document was not why the plans for expansion should be opposed, but safeguards that should be sought should the expansion be allowed. A further meeting was to be held in the New Year.

      Members had assisted with the hand delivery of survey forms about plans for the expansion of the airport, organised by the U.A.L.C. Return was by way of a reply paid envelope, and the Clerk had been advised that the maximum cost to the Parish Council was likely to be in the region of £40 to £50. This was to be billed to the Parish Council.

  8. Any Other Business

    1. Coopers End Roundabout

      Members discussed the volume of traffic passing through the village which was believed to largely be making use of the shortcut through to the airport and the M11. It was noted that STAL had stated its intention to keep the roundabout open for 12 months after the opening of the new A120 and then to review the situation.

    2. Public Transport Forum

      Mrs Oliveira had attended a meeting of the above where she had learned that a grant of up to £10,000 was available to parishes to assist with the provision of Public Transport in the villages. She offered to contact Great and Little Easton Parish Councils with a view to pooling resources for such things as providing taxis to bus routes, or the running of later or a late night bus services, a run to Tesco's in Dunmow, or even to assist with a community mini-bus.

    3. Recycling

      It was noted that doorstep recycling facilities had recently been introduced to the main part of the village. It was to be hoped that the whole of the village would be covered sooner rather than later.

    4. Official Opening of Barnards Field, Thaxted, Affordable Housing Scheme

      Miss Collinson and Mrs Flook had attended the above on 16th October, carried out by The Princess Royal, and reported how pleased residents were with their new homes.

    5. Village Directory

      Flag at the Old Vicarage - click to enlargeMinor amendments to the present directory were agreed. It was suggested that the map outside The Old Vicarage with the Millennium Bench and newly painted sign would make an attractive cover.

    6. Bell Meadow

      It was reported that the owner of Bell Meadow had recently offered to give the Parish Council part of the meadow for recreational purposes, in exchange for its support of his proposal to build a house at the far end. It was noted that with the next District Plan currently out for consultation, would-be developers/builders are keen to identify possible new sites for new housing. It was agreed that whilst interested in the scheme the Parish Council would need to see any plans and discuss any proposal before actively lending its support to any such proposal. The Clerk was asked to convey this to the landowner and to invite him to the next meeting for an informal discussion.

  9. Date of the Next Meeting

    It was confirmed that the next meeting would be on Wednesday, 9th January, 2002, in the Village Hall at 8.00 p.m.

The Meeting closed at 10.10 p.m.

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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

Stop Stansted Expansion

External link to the FIVE PARISHES

Five Parishes

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