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from the Five Parishes' Magazine

MARCH 2006


The annual meeting of parishioners of Broxted church will take place at 7.30pm on Monday 13th March at The Old Vicarage. All parishioners are welcome to attend but only those on the electoral roll may vote.


Linda and Geoff Barrow would like to thank everyone who helped make their social morning on the 4th February such a success. They thank their very willing team of helpers and particularly everyone who came along to support the event and who gave such generous donations. They were pleased to raise just under £500 for Broxted church.


When Broxted church committee decided last year to help those affected in SE Asia, the importance was recognised that this help should be on-going. So it was agreed at their last meeting to continue this help by sending a second donation of £500 to the Merlin medical relief agency.


Mr and Mrs Lewell have told us that the grand sum of £700.10 was raised from donations during the Christmas period from people visiting their illuminations. This includes the sum of £100 generously donated by the Firemen at Stansted Airport who had a collection for them. All the money donated is converted into animal food vouchers that are given to the Animal Rescue Charity (ARC) in Bishop's Stortford. The Lewell family do not make any deductions for electricity etc and thank everyone for their support.


Beth Harwood-Mann is running in the London Marathon on the 23rd April, primarily to raise funds for MS, hoping to be able to give them £1,500. Anything she raises above this sum will be given to Broxted church towards a new carpet. Please support her call her on 01279 850734.


The next meeting will be on Thursday 2nd March at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall. Please note this change of date. The Council always welcomes members of the public to its meetings. The minutes of the Council meetings are posted on the village notice-boards and can be viewed on this website.

The Parish Council has received a very generous gift from the committee of the Millennium Festival of the Five Parishes, representing one quarter of the Festival's residual funds. The Council is thinking how this money can be spent for the benefit of the village.

The Council has responded to the Consultation on the siting of a proposed second runway at Stansted Airport, by saying that a second runway, whatever its location, is totally unacceptable. It urges all residents to respond to the consultation (closing date 24th March) so that BAA is left in no doubt where local people stand on the issue.


Annual General Meeting

This takes place on Wednesday 26th April at 8.00 pm in Broxted Village Hall. Please come along to find out what your Community Association has been up to over the last year. New committee members are always welcome to help share the load but there will be no compulsion!

Left Behind Following the Christmas Party

If a couple of Laura Ashley white and yellow plates belong to you, please call Rachel on 01279 850047.


This will take place during a coffee morning on Thursday 9th March at Fistral, Brown's End Road, 10.00 am to 12 noon. Do go along even if you do not have a box you will be most welcome.


Phyllis and Roger Clark will be holding their annual Quiz in aid of the Stop Stansted Expansion Campaign on Saturday 4th March in Broxted Village Hall. To check availability of tickets, contact Roger and Phyllis on 01279 850638, clarkatbroxted@hotmail.co.uk, or with the SSE office on 01279 870558.


Please note that this leaflet (which came to you with the February issue of this Magazine) contains one small error: the telephone number of the ‘secondary’ booking clerk for the Village Hall, John Rodliffe, is 01279 850355, not 850335.



Go to David Helme for his continued recovery following his recent illness it was wonderful to see him again at Tilty's February service. We wish him and Joan well.


It is with regret that we learned of the passing of Pieter Kraay, Pastor of Broxted Chapel from 1964 to 2004. We are indeed grateful for this tribute, signed IQB, that was dropped through our correspondent's letterbox.

It is with joy for Pieter's sake but with great sadness for his family and friends that we report that Pieter died in hospital on the 6th February at the age of 85. Pieter had a deeply held belief that eternal life began for him the day he became a Christian with death its glorious extension.

Born in Holland, Pieter emigrated as young child with his family to a farm in Argentina, coming to England with the Dutch Air Force during the war. He married an English girl and studied to become a psychiatric nurse. He undertook a part-time study to become a lay pastor (unpaid) in the Congregational Church. His knowledge of the Bible and theology was profound.

It is greatly to Pieter's credit that he continued to serve Broxted and Takeley Chapel, the Christian School and other Christian work well into his 80s, often in quite poor health. Having little interest in material possessions, he may have been considered poor by material standards but he had a wonderfully generous heart. On one occasion on holiday in Israel, he met a group of poor Russian Jews who, permitted to leave Russia, were allowed only the clothes they wore. Pieter gave them the entire contents of his holiday suitcase. His profound interest in people's welfare continued on retirement from nursing when he became a local carer.

Those of us who were privileged to know Pieter as Pastor and friend for over 40 years give thanks to God for "a life well lived and a death well died". Our love and sympathy go out to his wife Ingrid and his three daughters.


Visitors to our services are appreciating the benefit of the reinforced sound systems recently installed in our churches. Starting at Tilty for their carol service, installation and final tweaking of the glitches was completed in January. Costing over £6,600, these were a gift to the churches from The Friends of the Five Parishes, the idea having first been mooted in 2003 when The Friends received from one of their friends a gift of £500 for this purpose. Since then money raised by members of the 50% Club has helped towards such expenditure.

The Friends came to the aid of the churches again in February following the wall safe burglaries, covering the cost of repairing and reinforcing the safes with a donation of £512.

Just two examples to reinforce what an important role this organisation plays in the Five Parishes. Special thanks go also to Richard Beattie for helping to arrange the sound system and to Terry Francis who helped with its installation and now takes care of any problems. Their help is greatly appreciated by everyone.


The fundraising programme for 2006 will include a Gathering in the Garden Room at Easton Farm on Friday 7th April, the Members' Evening at the Old Vic on Saturday 17th June to help the Queen celebrate her 80th birthday, and the Magic Evening on Friday 27th October. The annual service of Evensong is on Sunday 19th November with Bishop Edward Holland giving the address.

Do put these dates in your diary and come along to enjoy good friendship while helping The Friends.


The 50% Club is part of the fundraising organised by The Friends of The Five Parishes. Money raised by The Friends goes towards the upkeep of our churches in the Five Parishes as illustrated earlier just recently a cheque for £800 was given to The Friends from the 50% Club. The regular monthly draw is held in one of the churches at the end of All Age Worship. If you would like to join and take a chance in the draw, please contact Fran Woodrow at Windy Ridge, Duton Hill, Dunmow, Essex. The winner in January was Carol Pratt of Broxted.


The management team continues to meet on the third Wednesday of each month and plans are now well under way. The team are very heartened by the many offers of help it is receiving, particularly those to the new site manager, Roy Blackwell. Please do consider how you can help.

What help you can give will be invaluable in many ways, for instance after the Show closes on the Monday evening, the various areas in the Manor have to be cleared. For the two days of the Show, Mrs Pedley's lawn, Barn, garden, garages, sheds and Turkey Barn are taken over by the paraphernalia of the Show, from tables, chairs, marquees, gazebos to litter bins. On the Monday evening many of the things hired in have to be collected together in one spot for the hire company's lorry to collect early on the next day. Everyone involved with the Show are on their knees with tiredness, so someone fresh coming in to help is welcomed with open arms!


The Gardens opened in February for the Snowdrops a little later than usual so it may still be possible to see them in March, depending on the weather. For an update, go to e-mail at cmummery@aol.com or telephone on 01371 876979 or 859767.


SSE need 300 people on Saturday 10th June to form a choreographed picture message to demonstrate to the Press and TV the continuing opposition to any expansion of Stansted Airport. Assembly will be at Church End, Broxted from 9.30 am. SSE will supply instructions and materials for the Photocall. Full information and registration details will be in next month's Magazine.

The Photocall will be followed by Walk to Win circular walks of 5 or 8 miles. More information next month, or call Stuart Walker on 01279 850862, e-mail brickhouse@nascr.net.


The Parish Paths Partnership (P3) sponsored by Essex County Council is dedicated to keeping all footpaths in Essex clear and accessible for the benefit and enjoyment of the whole community. P3 welcomes the involvement of all residents in its area.

To this end P3 is holding an Open Day on Wednesday 15th March, meeting at The Three Horseshoes at Molehill Green, at 10.00 am. After tea/coffee, there will be a shortish circular walk, getting back to the pub about 1.00 pm for lunch. All are invited to see what P3 is doing in this area. Bring secateurs/loppers and wear sturdy shoes and warm clothes. For further information please call Lisa Cross on 01245 437619 or e-mail lisa.cross@essexcc.gov.uk.


Walking is great exercise it is recommended that we take at least 10,000 steps a day. For keen walkers, go to local website www.walkinginessex.co.uk for a wealth of information on walks in the area. There are also links to check weather, other useful sites, how to get to your walk by public transport and more is being added all the time. Go to the website and get walking!


Half-term coincided with our copy date but headteacher Gill Hopkins gave the address for Education Sunday at the Tilty service.

With 140 children, there is also a staff of 27 including teachers, class assistants, administration, catering, cleaning and grounds staff. During the current term they have been coping with building work to provide a new entrance designed to give them greater security. There is an active Parent Teachers Association whose fundraising helps meet the school's many needs. The board of Governors includes members nominated by the churches, some being present that day to hear Gill speak.

The school provides effective teaching, with a broad-based curriculum aimed at promoting personal excellence in a Christian environment. It has a well-earned reputation of having a pioneer approach, not least with its enrichment programme. Consisting of some twelve activities, the latest is philosophy giving the children the opportunity to exercise the skills of speaking, listening and learning. The school was ahead of Jamie Oliver in providing natural food. Parents operate a walking bus to/from Great Easton village. The children themselves act as play leaders, encouraging good behaviour and friendship. There is an active sports association, on-going teacher training and up-to-date ICT facilities.

Gill left her audience with a strong impression of a most distinctive and effective church school!

See also www.greateaston.essex.sch.uk.


Wednesday 1st March Ash Wednesday Services
Saturday 4th March SSE Quiz, Broxted
Thursday 9th March Children's Society Coffee Morning, Broxted
Friday 7th April Friends Gathering in the Garden Room
Saturday 10th June SSE Photocall and Rally
Saturday 17th June Friends Members' Evening, Broxted

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