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from the Five Parishes' Magazine



Thanks to a team not only from Broxted but the Five Parishes as a whole, the church was ablaze in colour from both flowers and a wide range of vegetables and fruits. The gold of sunflowers, the reds of tomatoes and carrots and roses, the burgundy of hydrangeas, the pink, bronze, yellow and white of chrysanthemums, the blues of delphiniums, the pink and yellow of lilies, the mauve of dried lavender, the greens of all sorts, were highlighted by the bright orangey-yellow glow of huge gerberas. In the centre of the church the colours came together in a magnificent bowl of dahlias.

The Harvest Service on Sunday was well attended, the contribution from the choir and the traditional words and hymns much enjoyed. The children played their part by helping Rev'd Gillian give her harvest message by using large letters on poles to demonstrate the spelling of the word HARVEST and how the same letters could be changed to spell STARVE and SHARE. After the service the adults enjoyed seasonal refreshments while the children looked for various insects and mice hidden amongst the arrangements.

The altar offerings of pasta, rice and flour were given to Great Easton School for the boxes for the Harvest for the Hungry 2004 Euroaid project for Eastern Europe and a donation is being sent to the George and Marion Mills charity from the plate collection.


These are the folk who deliver your magazine to you, month in and month out, in the heat of the summer and the gales of the winter. They are rarely thanked, yet, without them the work of the contributors, editors and production staff would all be in vain.

Peggy and Cyril Monk have delivered the magazine to the Chapel End part of Broxted for very many years and we are all very grateful to them. Now that they have moved to Dunmow we wish them luck in their new home, but they have created a vacancy for a magazine deliverer. If you could help by delivering 33 magazines from Chapel End to Woodgates End once a month please contact Phyllis and Roger Clark, 01279 850638. If you don't receive the December magazine you will know that we have been unsuccessful in our search!


There is no Parish Council report this month, as the meeting would have taken place after the magazine deadline.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Wednesday the 10th November at 8pm in the Village Hall. The Council always welcomes members of the public to its meetings, and is interested in hearing their opinions and questions.


On behalf of Broxted Parish Council, Jenny Oliveira sends this report:

Broxted has a new landmark, a sign that has been erected in Cranham Road to commemorate the Queen's Golden Jubilee in 2002. When the Parish Council organised the Jubilee celebration at Moor End Farm in 2002, there was no intention to make any money but somehow a surplus emerged and subsequently the Council decided that it should be used for something in the village.

After some discussion it was agreed that a sign relating to the event was the best of a number of ideas suggested. At the time Councillors did not imagine such a seemingly simple project would take more than two years to complete. Suffice to say that a tight budget, a variety of sources from which to commission the work, the need for each step to be ratified at Council meetings and finally a delay in getting planning permission took a very long time. Happily that is all in the past.

The Jubilee sign has been placed on the spot where the remains of the village school's flag pole stood. That symbol of village history looked rather sad and the Parish Council hopes that former pupils, who had happy memories of flags being unfurled from it, will enjoy this new chapter of the village's story.

Thanks are due to the Burton family at Moor End Farm which donated the oak post, vice chairman of the Parish Council Roger Clark for hours of work shaping the post to fit the sign, Paul Flook and family for extracting the remains of the flag pole and helping Philip Burton to plant and cement in the new sign.

In future when people get lost around Broxted (as they often do) and stop to ask the way, "Look out for the Jubilee sign" may help to put them on their way.


The last green skip of the year will be at Broxted Village Hall on Saturday the 6th November, from 1pm to 4pm. Skips will continue to visit Thaxted, Dunmow and Stansted throughout the winter and will return to Broxted, hopefully, in the spring.



  • We are so very sorry to learn of the untimely death of Linda Barrow's son, Peter, in September. Rev'd Gillian conducted a moving funeral service for Peter on the 6th October, following which he was laid to rest in Broxted churchyard. We offer our love and condolences to Linda and Geoff at this very sad time.


  • Linda and Geoff would like to give their heartfelt thanks to their friends of the Five Parishes for their love, prayers and practical support since the untimely death of Peter. Their special thanks go to Gillian Greenslade for her kindness, sensitivity and the moving service given for Peter.
  • Thanks also are sent from Barbara Armishaw to everyone to sent cards and helped her in so many ways after her accident. She really did very much appreciate this.


  • to Cyril and Peggy Monk on their move to their new home. As well as wishing them all happiness, we thank them for all they have done over the years in Broxted, not only for the church but also for the general community.


This year we are further developing ways to involve the parents of our children in their learning journey. During September every teacher held an Open Classroom afternoon when parents could sit in their child's class and hear about what goes on during the school day. Every Wednesday, after school, teachers are available in their classrooms so that children can show their parents what they have been doing during the week. It may be that they have some work on a wall display or a piece of art or mathematics of which they are particularly proud, or this can simply be an opportunity to share some of the books or resources that they have used. In early November we will hold our parent consultations, to give a more formal update on progress with learning.

We have also opened our Wednesday Sharing Assemblies to parents. Each pair of classes has the opportunity, once a term, to use their assembly time to celebrate what they have been doing. So far, Years 5 and 6 have presented four drama sketches about their work on keeping safe and what they learned from a visit to Crucial Crew, and Years 2, 3 and 4 dressed up as Victorians to show us some of the things they learned from their visit to the Victorian Day at the Colne Valley Railway. Later this month, Reception and Year 1 will be sharing their work on Celebrations.

So that the children can feel really involved with their progress in their own learning journey, we have introduced whole-school curriculum targets. This is something that the National Primary Strategy is advocating and the teachers are working very hard to make whole-school targets relevant in their classrooms at all levels of ability. Last year we worked on problem-solving for mathematics and we are continuing with this again this year because we are beginning to see a very real improvement in the way that children approach the application of their mathematical skills to real-life problems. This focus on mathematics also led to 89% of our children achieving the National Standard at the end of Year 6 and 33% achieved above the National Standard. In English, where we have been focusing on writing for the last two years, 83% achieved the National Standard and 50% achieved the level above the National Standard. These results are well above the national average and have put us securely within the top 25% of schools nationally. We are very proud of these achievements that reflect the hard work and commitment of our staff, children and parents.

Whilst continuing with a focus on problem-solving and writing this year, we are also introducing a school-target for speaking and listening and reading. We are particularly interested in children being able to articulate their learning and being able to ask searching questions as they listen to stories. By developing children's thinking skills we shall be equipping them to have an active voice in their Class Councils and the School Council.

Gill Hopkins


See also www.greateaston.essex.sch.uk.

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