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from the Five Parishes' Magazine

JULY 2003



The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Wednesday 9th July at 8pm in the Village Hall. Meetings of the Council are open to members of the public and Councillors really do welcome the contribution that villagers can make.



A very warm welcome to Zia, Omer, Naz and all the boys at The Prince of Wales. It is wonderful to have a busy, vibrant pub in the village again. We hope you all enjoy working and living in Broxted.

See also the pictures here.


We were very sorry to learn of the death of Dora Kendrik on the 19th May. Dora was a member of a very old Broxted family, was born in Broxted and lived there all her life. She started her working life at Chaureth Hall and when she married Gerald it was in Broxted church. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends and condolences are offered to Gerald and Lorraine and Julian and the "light of her life" grand-daughter Katherine.

Broxted lost another lady, Winifred Kate Wright who died on the 26th May after a brief spell in Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow, aged 97 years. Born in Woodgates End, Broxted on the 21st August 1905, she was one of five children. At 18 she went into service in London, returning in 1930 to marry her childhood sweetheart, William Wright also from Broxted. She spent the rest of her life in Broxted – Browns End Road, School Villas and finally Cranham Road. Kate's family, Winnie, Richard and Susan would like to express their heartfelt thanks to all their friends and neighbours for their kindness and support during this sad time. Also to Frank Pickford, the Rev'd Gillian Greenslade and Cathy Beattie for all their help in arranging the funeral service that took place on the 4th June at St Mary's church, Broxted. Kate will be sadly missed by all who knew her.


Was held on the 9th June for the life of Bill Bush in Broxted church. As reported in last month's edition, he passed away on the 29th April. The Service was well attended by many of Bill's friends and relations and was a fitting tribute to a much-respected Broxted man.


from Pc 1743 Dave Rout (who covers Little Easton, Tilty and Duton Hill, Great Easton and Broxted)

There have been a number of accidents in the Snow Hill area of late, most of which appear to be caused by poor speed judgement. Always remember to brake to reduce speed prior to a bend and accelerate out of it. If you leave braking until you are already in the bend, you upset the balance of the vehicle, pushing the car on a straight-line course rather than round the bend.

Remember to take extra care on the back roads at this time of the year when other road users are obscured by quick-growing foliage at the edge of the roads. There are also likely to be more cyclists, horse riders and slow moving farm vehicles on the roads. Do not do what I saw some idiot do the other day and that is overtake one of these slow moving road users on a bend without a clear view of what was coming in the other direction.

There are several scams doing the rounds at the moment that you might wish to be aware of: Firstly one from Canada stating you have won several hundred thousand pounds and that if you forward a 1% release fee to pay customs, the money will be sent to you. Those that have sent the money have had no returns. The warning to this is, you don't get anything for nothing.

Secondly one on the Internet from the USA. This comes in the form of an e-mail claiming to be from a US bank (Firstunion.com) saying that the bank has lost the recipient's Internet banking user name and password. The recipient is encouraged to click on a link to a web site, which asks the user to enter their user name and password. The web site address is www.newtemp.com. Visiting this web site also seems to download a remote access Trojan called Backdoor-Beastdoor or Backdoor-AMQ, which can be used to gain control of the user's computer. The warning here is, if you don't recognise the sender of an e-mail, don't open it.

Thirdly mobile phone users are once again being targeted for fraudulent billing. A scam is operated from an overseas phone number +8821677442699. If you receive a call from this or any other number asking you to call back, DON'T. What happens is you get an engaged tone, prompting you to phone back, but what is really happening is you get through to a recording of an engaged tone and every call you make costs £5. The warning to this is again, if you don't recognise a number, don't phone back.

Similar scams offer the chance to get money quickly with only a minimal outlay, but that's all they are, scams. Many are aimed at the elderly who live alone, so if you have a relative or neighbour in these circumstances, please keep an eye on them and get them to talk things through with you before they respond to any kind of advertisement.

If you need to contact me, the telephone number for Dunmow Police Station is 01371 872208.


Firstly, a big thank you to everyone who responded to Robert Pickford's letter in last month's Five Parishes Magazine (the donors have received a personal letter from Robert). To date we have received over £1,000 for the Rebecca Meade Trust Fund, a most encouraging response. This, together with other activities during the term, such as the Bouncy Castle Fun Day, is enabling the governors to have a realistic hope of meeting the £15,000 target for their contribution towards replacing the school boiler and heating system. However, it is not too late to send a cheque if you didn't get round to it last month!

I am pleased to say that even though we need a lot of money for our building, we are still able to raise funds for charity. During the year we have supported Children in Need, The Children's Society, and Comic Relief. On 4th July everyone will be skipping to raise money for The British Heart Foundation. This event is called Jump for Life. The children are collecting sponsors to support a five-minute skipping activity. At the moment the skipping zone on the playground is very popular as children learn to skip or practise their skills and thus raise their awareness of the importance of healthy exercise. If you know a child at the school, please offer to sponsor them.

Jump for Life takes place at the end of our own Healthy Snacks Fortnight. It has given us the opportunity to look at what we eat for break-time snacks and how we take exercise to keep our bodies healthy. During the actual fortnight, each class will be making and selling healthy snacks for the rest of the school. Class 1 will provide fruit milk shakes, Class 2 a fruit lucky dip, Class 3 flapjacks, Class 4 salad and vegetable sticks with dips, and Class 5 healthy cookies. We then hope to come up with a permanent healthy snack menu ready for the new school year in September.

Year 6 children have just a few weeks left of primary education. They are currently preparing for their Leavers' Service on Thursday 24th July at 10.30am in Great Easton church. We do hope that you might be able to come along and join in their reflections about moving on to secondary school. Before then they will be putting on a joint performance with Year 6 groups from Stebbing and Finchingfield Primary Schools in the hall at Helena Romanes School on Monday 14th July at 6pm. The performance will be a culmination of five sessions of work with two artists. The children are making puppets and will use drama techniques and movement to tell a story on the theme of Everest and overcoming obstacles.

Lastly, you are most welcome to attend our Open Evening on Monday 21st July from 6 to 7.30pm.

Gill Hopkins


See also www.greateaston.essex.sch.uk.


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