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Broxted, Essex  

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from the Five Parishes' Magazine

MAY 2003



The Dunmow Deanery service of Evensong held in Broxted church on the 6th April was well supported and was followed by a delicious tea provided by the ladies and gentlemen of the Five Parishes. Culminating with this service, a collection totalling £200 was taken in the Five Parishes during Lent for the Bishop of Chelmsford's Lent Appeal 2003 in support of four charities working to alleviate HIV/AIDS in Romania, Kenya, Trinidad and Tobago.


The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 14th May 2003, in the Village Hall at 8pm. This will be the Annual Parish Assembly, when you have the opportunity to hear what your Council has done in the past year, and to make suggestions for the future.


Now and Then in The Five Parishes

The slide show and exhibition presented by Alfie Wright on the 29th March was a huge success. Over 100 people crammed into the Village Hall and almost £400 was raised for the campaign. Many thanks to Alfie, and to all those who helped to make the evening such fun. An especially big thank you to everyone who baked and donated cakes – they were fantastic!

Broxted Open Gardens 29th June 2003

This is fast turning into a "Broxted Open Day" such is the support that has been forthcoming. At the last count ten gardens are opening, and there are plans for a model railway display, pony rides, a display by Morris Men, the use of a swimming pool, as well as stalls for cakes, bric-à-brac, plants and books and a raffle.

Much help will be needed on the day, and beforehand, so if you cannot open your garden but still would like to be involved please do offer your help. To co-ordinate all of the activities there will be a meeting on Wednesday 7th May at 8pm at the Old Vicarage, Broxted. It would help to have some idea of the numbers attending the meeting so please contact Roger and Phyllis Clark 01279 850638 to say if you will be present or not.

Don't forget, the idea is to show our visitors (some of whom will be coming some distance) what a lovely place Broxted is, and what would be lost should any additional runways be built at the airport (as well as to raise funds for the campaign) so further ideas will be appreciated.


At the opening of these boxes in March, the sum of £247.57 was collected. Many thanks to those of you who have boxes in your homes and places of business and a big thank you also to Linda and Karen who nobly spent the morning counting the contents. If you would like a box to collect for this worthwhile cause, please contact Yvonne Rodliffe on 01279 850355.


The Annual General Meeting will be on Wednesday 30th April in the Village Hall, followed by wine and cheese. Everyone is welcome to go along and find out what the Association has been up to during the past year. For further details call Rachel on 01279 850047.


A Bric-à-Brac sale will be held on Saturday 26th April at 2.00pm to 4.00pm. Teas will be served and there will be a Tombola. If you have any unwanted suitable items John Rodliffe on 01279 850355 will be pleased to collect them.

On Sunday 18th May from 9.30am to 12 noon there will be a Plant Sale to include garden sundries etc. Tables available and space available to hire. To book contact Jenny Oliviera on 01279 850348.


The daffodils in Broxted have been particularly beautiful this spring. Many thanks to all those who, a few years ago, gave their time to plant the bulbs which now year by year give everyone so much pleasure.


Many of you will have seen the excellent website at www.broxted.org run by Clive Rixson for Broxted Parish Council. A lady called Gillian Reilly who lives in Brisbane, Australia got its address from an SSE calendar. In e-mails to Clive, she says she was born Gillian Barker, growing up at No. 7 School Villas, Broxted during the 1940s. Her father, Ben Barker, was born in Broxted. Her mother, Barbara, was born in Elsenham, moving to Broxted when her parents, Bill and Maud Payne, took over the Prince of Wales pub. Gillian sang in the choir when the Rev'd Raynor was the vicar and the headmistress and teacher at the school at the time were Miss Wallis and Eva Saville.

Gillian has sent Clive some photographs, subjects including the Prince of Wales, Maypole dancing, Fred Hayden and Bill Payne, and these can be found on the Broxted website together with copies of her e-mails. See bottom of page.


Best Wishes

We were very sorry to learn that Gladys Willis has been moved to Addenbrooke's Hospital after a short spell in Saffron Walden hospital. We send her our love and good wishes and hope she will soon be feeling better.


Mondays 7.30 to 8.30 pm Line Dancing in Broxted Village Hall
  8.30 to 9.30 pm Latin American Dancing. No need to book, just turn up!
26th April Bric-à-Brac Sale, Village Hall
30th April Broxted Community Association AGM
14th May Parish Council - Annual Parish Assembly
18th May Plant Sale, Village Hall
18th June The Old Vicarage Garden - Preview Evening for The Friends of The Five Parishes
22nd June The Old Vicarage Garden - NGS Open Day
29th June Various Broxted Gardens open for SSE campaign


Saturday 21st June 2003

The weekend walks begin on Saturday with a gentle 5-mile circular walk designed for all the family, starting at 11am at The Three Horseshoes, Duton Hill and finishing back there at about 1.30 p.m. Derek and Gill will, as always, be there to welcome you back and look after all of your needs for food and drinks.

Sunday 22nd June 2003

The Five Parishes Millennium Boundary Walk takes place the following day. This is also a circular walk and, although very easy, is designed for the more serious walker, as it is about 15 miles taking about 8 hours (including pub and church stops).

The start and finish will be at The Brick House, Church End, Broxted (Helen & Stuart Walker's house) where there is plenty of parking space. Please arrive so that the walk can start at 9am. All the pubs and churches of the Five Parishes will be visited and a lunch stop will be at one of the pubs. The walk will end at The Brick House at around 5pm. A buffet meal (barbecue if weather permits) and free drinks will be awaiting everyone who has walked the whole distance.

Helen and Stuart Walker look forward to you joining them. It would help them to cater if you could let them know, in advance, if you will be there. Information from Helen and Stuart Walker on 01279 850862 or e-mail brickhouse@nascr.net.


from PC 1743 Dave Rout (who covers Little Easton, Tilty and Duton Hill, Great Easton and Broxted)

Now the lighter evenings are here, it's time to remind children, and their parents, of the dangers and nuisance that they can cause. Already there have been reports of youths riding motorcycles on the roads without crash helmets. They are too young to ride, which means no driving licence, no insurance and probably other offences. If caught, they will be banned from getting a licence from the day they are entitled to one. They might even have an accident and get hurt, hurt someone else or cause damage that will have to be paid for. Families need someone to be in control, don't let it be the children!

There have been the odd reports of young children knocking at houses asking for money, or to do odd jobs. I feel this should not be encouraged, as it can upset people that are called on and it could also put the children at risk. If you are aware of this happening, please call the police at the time so we can give advice.

Speed is still the main worry of many people I talk with. Remember to watch your speed in the villages. My colleagues and I will be around the area with the speed guns this summer, so don't let it be you that's caught!

On security, here are two web sites you can use to record your property. One is www.tallystick.co.uk, a site where you can list your property, including pictures, descriptions and values, so if you have a burglary, flood or fire, you can recall the list from any computer. It's anonymous, so no one can link your possessions to you or your address. The second is for clock owners and is www.nationalclockregister.co.uk. This allows you to enter valuable clocks and is a way for the trade to search for stolen ones when offered for sale.

If you live in Little Easton, don't forget I can be contacted at Parish Council meetings a quarter of an hour before they start. I can also be contacted at Dunmow Police Station on 01371 872208.


We have had an overwhelming response to the introduction of our own school-meals service, averaging ninety meals per day, an increase of more than fifty percent on the previous service. The most popular items are the traditional roast, with all the trimmings, on Wednesdays, and the daily availability of fresh fruit salad. Now that we are able to offer a healthy hot and cold menu to children and staff, we are planning to be assessed in the autumn for the Advanced Award for the Healthy Schools Project. We need to fulfil ten objectives, covering all aspects of being a healthy school. With the improved school meals and raised awareness about exercise, through a "Jump for Life" skipping event planned for later in the term, we are already well on the way to meeting all the criteria for the Award.

The Parent Teacher Association is planning three fundraising and social activities for this term. The first is a stall at the Duton Hill Fun Day on Sunday 4th May. A range of bookmarks, key rings, fridge magnets and badges will be for sale, along with some bargain trainers, and tickets for our Grand Draw that includes a first prize of a DVD player with fifty films. The next event will be our Bouncy Castle Fun Day, with many traditional fête-style attractions, on Saturday 17th May from 1.30 to 4pm. Tickets are available from the School Office, priced £4 per child (in advance) or £5 at the gate on the day. Adults will be admitted free of charge, but we hope you will support all the stalls and side shows and, of course, the refreshments. The final event is a Children's Fashion Show on Wednesday 2nd July at 6.30 pm in the school hall. This will be an opportunity to buy chain-store clothes at bargain prices.

These events are all in aid of the Rebecca Meade Trust Fund. The Fund needs money for projects to further develop the school. This summer the major building project will be a complete renewal of the heating system. This involves developing a music room in space previously used for the hot water tank, pumps and controls. We do hope that you might be able to support one or all of these events.

Our Enrichment Afternoons, on Wednesdays, continue to be very popular. If you have a skill or hobby that you would like to share with a group of children, we would like to hear from you. Last term we introduced knitting, for example. How about quilting, découpage, flower arranging, debating or patchwork? We usually have between ten and twelve sessions each term. Each session is divided into two forty-five minute periods; one for children aged six to eight and one for nine to eleven year olds. Do contact the school office on 01371 870219 if you would like to know more.

Gill Hopkins


See also www.greateaston.essex.sch.uk.


Did you know Gill Barker?

I have received a number of e-mails from Gillian Reilly, née Barker, who grew up in School Villas in Broxted.

You can contact her by e-mail on jreillyesq@optusnet.com.au

Another Broxted'ite (sent 25 February)

Good morning Mr Rixson,

I've just received a copy of the beautiful 2003 community calendar and a few pages of the parish magazine sent to me by relatives now living in Thaxted - hand delivered actually by their daughter who also lives in Brisbane. I've also looked at the Broxted website. I may have some photos and various 'stories' for your magazine. My father, Ben Barker was born in Broxted - as were his 13 siblings, only Dad and his baby sister Lily are left out of that big family. My mother - Barbara was born in Elsenham and went to live in Broxted about age 4 or 5 when her parents, Bill and Maud Payne, took over the Prince of Wales. My parents moved to Australia in 1976 to join us.

I was born in Broxted at number 7 School Villas, and started school in Broxted - Miss Wallis (The Headmistress) was my godmother and teacher Eva Saville taught not only me but previously my parents, uncles and aunts. I sang in the choir when Rev Raynor was the vicar so I have one or two photos of the choir taken in the 1950s. I left Broxted for Canada in 1956.

I could go on and on of course. If you are at all interested I would be happy to look out some photos and I can ask my parents for 'old info' about the village. Dad is 91 and lives with us, he is quite amazing for his age, sadly my mother is in a nursing home - she will be 87 on March 1st. Both have all their memories of Broxted intact and share them with us often.

Until I hear from you, best regards,

Gillian Reilly née Barker

Re: Broxted (sent 9 March)

Dear Clive,

Thank you for your prompt e-mail, I'm sure you must be very busy.

It's a glorious morning here, our autumn started on March 1st, and already there is a slight chill in the air in the evenings and early morning. Today the temperature is around 25C with a cloudless blue sky, sunshine and the hint of a breeze. We had breakfast out on the patio. After lunch we will take my father to visit Mum in the nursing home.

We moved to this house about 19 months ago, moving from a large old two storey house to a low set, easy maintenance one. I'm rather ashamed to admit that I still have a few boxes of belongings - that have never found a permanent home - to unpack. Amongst this 'stuff' are my photos so please bear with me. I will also go through my parents photos. Maybe you could give me a better idea of what you are looking for as there's no point in duplicating everything you have already received. In the meantime I'll do a hunt through and also try to take down some of Dad's tales.

I have no objections to you publishing my e-mail etc. Yes, we have a scanner - I got a new computer on Friday, it's not all set up yet for the Internet etc but I can use Jim's machine. If the old photos scan badly I will send you them by mail or maybe I could get copies done to send.

I was thinking about the Maltings and I can't really place number six. I used to ride my bike through there on the way to Little Easton when I wasn't game to face the potholes in the Park road. I used to visit Phyl and Bob Wallis, they lived in a house on the right side, coming from the village and just before the Maltings. They kept chickens and sold the eggs. I also went to school with Brian Salmon who lived in the last house. My father talks of Rhodie Turner and a family called Staines who lived there but that was before my time.We can't place Alf Wright but when we lived at School Villas our next-door neighbours were Kate and Will Wright and their three children, Winny, Charlie and Richard. I was seven when we left there and moved to Sussex for four and a half years.

The last time I was in Broxted was in 1970. We bought a campervan in London and travelled all over the UK and then went to Ireland for three weeks and stayed three and a half years when Jim was offered a job in Dublin. At that stage our children were age 10, seven, five and three - it was quite an adventure. Many changes had taken place in Broxted then but I think I would hardly know the village now.

I'll have another look at your website to get a better idea of what I can contribute. All the best to you and your family

Gill Reilly

Old Broxted Photos (sent 25 March)

Hi Clive

Here are some old photos. We have picked out things rather than people. Don't know if they will be any use to you. I have saved as JPEG format. We included Gill's grandfather Bill Payne as he was the landlord of the Prince in Broxted.

Here are the descriptions of each file:

  1. The Prince of Wales
  2. Maypole Dance Broxted School 1920s
  3. Maypole Dance Broxted Fayre 1950s
  4. Fred Hayden - Bus to Bishop Stortford outside the Prince of Wales (We think the lady was his fiancée)
  5. Bill Payne landlord of the Prince of Wales pub, Gill's grandfather

Let me know if you want other things or if you want me to change these in any way.

Best regards

Gill Reilly

No 1: Prince of Wales No 2: Maypole Dance Broxted School 1920s No 3: Maypole Dance Broxted Fayre 1950s
No 4: Fred Hayden-Bus to Bishop Stortford outside the Prince of Wales (We think the lady was his fiancée) No 5: Bill Payne landlord of the Prince of Wales pub, Gill's grandfather Late addition: Dad"s first car

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