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The Five Parishes Bellringers and choir and a congregation of 120 people packed into Broxted church on the 13th October for the last harvest festival service. A group of talented arrangers helped the two Michaels to beautify the church in the time honoured fashion of harvest with flowers, vegetables, vintage farm and garden implements, topped off with several brightly painted representatives from the insect world!

As in all four services, the gifts of toiletries etc will go to George Mills' charity British Aid for Deprived Children for the next trip in November. The charity will also receive the proceeds from the produce stall and the sale of the fruit and vegetables amounting to 175, together with a private donation of 250 given through the collection. The plate collection of 400 was, certainly in recent years, an all-time record and everyone involved with Broxted church sends a very big Thank You for their support to all those who came to the service.


The next meeting of the Council will be held on Wednesday 13th November in the Village Hall at 8.00 pm. As always, members of the public are very welcome to attend meetings of the Council, to listen to the proceedings and to raise maters of interest or concern.


Continue to keep up to date with the protest campaign by visiting www.stopstanstedexpansion.com.

Supplies of posters, t-shirts, car stickers etc. are held by Phyllis Clark, Chitlands, Brown's End Road and Margaret Sutton, Brown's End Cottage, Brown's End Road.


The Broxted Community Association is once again delighted to invite all Broxted children of primary school age and under to the annual children's Christmas Party on Saturday 14th December from 3 pm till 5 pm in Broxted Village Hall.

The party is completely free - all that is asked is for parents to donate an item of food for the party tea. Parents do not have to stay for the party themselves, although they are most welcome. There will be a Punch and Judy show as part of the entertainment as well as party games and a visit from Santa Claus.

For further information or to book your place, please call Rachel on 01279 850047.


As the 10th November falls on a Sunday, please get any magazine copy to Yvonne by Thursday 7th November.


7.30 to 8.30 pm Line Dancing in Broxted Village Hall
8.30 to 9.30 pm Latin American Dancing
No need to book, just turn up!
14th December
Broxted Annual Christmas Party for the children



On the 14th September Julie-Anne Draper married Jamie McPherson and on the 12th October Viki Travers married Gregory Carpenter. We wish them all every happiness in their lives together.

Best Wishes

Also on the 14th, Val and Bertie Felgate renewed their marriage vows, after 25 years. The church was full of their friends and family, a truly joyous occasion, and we all look forward to celebrating their next 25 years!

Get Well Soon

We are sorry to hear that Peter Kraay, the Pastor of Broxted Chapel for the past 38 years, is in hospital following a road accident. His wife, Ingrid, is also poorly in hospital. We send them best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Well Done

To Alice and Eden Coates, Mike Coates' nieces who on their last visit to England arranged sponsors for their bid to support an orphan at the Philip Hayden home in Lang Fang, China. Alice swam a total of 70 lengths whilst Eden managed a staggering 12! They have chosen to support a four-month old baby born with a cleft lip. Enough money was raised for the organisers also to support two ethnic Tibetan grandmothers who have out-lived their husbands and children and are only able to survive the winter by begging.


(which includes Great Easton and Broxted) from PC 1743 Dave Rout who features an article written by PC Lee Humberstone stationed at Dunmow:

"Recently I was asked to attend a local house and take a report of a criminal damage that had occurred there. The owner of the property handed me two air gun pellets he had removed from the back door and back window frame of his house. I took the report of criminal damage but he was more concerned, as I also am, that his family had been at home at the time and his two dogs had been running round the garden.

"I don't mean to alarm you unnecessarily, as this is a very rare incident, but with Christmas just approaching and children possibly asking for air guns, please take a few basic safety tips on board.

"Never allow or use an air gun in a public place, as this could be very dangerous and is also illegal. Try to find a local farmer who would let you use one of his fields, but please get permission before doing so. The house I mentioned above backed on to a field, so whoever fired the pellets had taken some consideration as to where the air gun was used. They had obviously not taken into account the direction of their shooting and the possible serious or maybe fatal injuries that it could have caused. If firing at a homemade target, make sure it has a suitable backstop behind it. If in doubt the best and safest place to shoot would be your local shooting club.

"The most important rule when handling a gun is never point it, loaded or unloaded, in the direction of anybody. If you see somebody doing this, please call us and we will deal with it.

"Finally, all wildlife is protected by the Village and Countryside Act 1981, so you can not go around hunting wildlife. Nobody under the age of 14 can legally own an air gun. If your child has one, make sure you know where it is at all times and do not let anybody carry it in a public place without it being in a secure gun case. Any child under seventeen must be accompanied by an adult."

PC Dave Rout adds that these basic thoughts go for a lot of gifts requested by children at this time of the year. Before you spend money on guns, motorbikes etc, make sure they can be used with safety and legally.


The children enjoyed our Book Week launched in October with everyone dressing up as their favourite book character. Harry Potter and friends, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland were the most popular. During the week we had a sharing assembly on poetry led by Class 2 and story swops led by the teachers. We also sold a wide range of books and the commission from this has enriched our supply of group reading books at school.

Class 1 visited Hatfield Forest before half term so that they had first hand experience of woodland in Autumn for their class work on wood. Class 2 is making weekly visits to Great Easton village for their work on buildings. You may see them on a Monday morning with drawing paper and clip boards.

Classes 3 and 4 encountered a Viking just after half term. The classes are looking at different aspects of Settlers and Invaders. Through drama and art they have been able to experience what life might have been like for ordinary people in the post-Roman era. Class 5 studies focused on the environmental impact of proposals for expansion at Stansted Airport. They held a debate to look at the issues both for and against the expansion.

As Advent and Christmas approach, the whole school is preparing a production, parts of which will be used at the Advent Concert, with Helena Romanes School, in Dunmow Church in early December and at our own Christmas service. The full production will be performed to parents and friends towards the end of term.

This academic year we are involved with Essex Local Education Authority in a very special project on Inter-Cultural Arts. Six other primary schools are also taking part. Two of our members of staff are currently receiving training with a number of artists from a variety of cultural and arts backgrounds. In the Spring Term we shall have two of these artists working with Class 4 over a period of two weeks. Watch this space for further developments.

Gill Hopkins


See also www.greateaston.essex.sch.uk.

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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

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External link to the FIVE PARISHES

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