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Stop Stansted Expansion


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Members of the Broxted congregation send their thanks and appreciation to Canon Geoffrey Holley for conducting the September Evensong service during Reverend Gillian's absence on a much deserved holiday. The All Age Worship service was taken by Michael Goulding who in his talk read from an article in The Times which brought home to everyone what we stand to lose if the expansion of Stansted Airport goes ahead and this lovely part of Essex is covered, for ever, with concrete. After the service the birthdays of several members of the congregation were celebrated with a birthday cake and a glass of wine.


The next service of All Age Worship on Sunday 13th October will be Broxted's Harvest Festival, following which some "harvest" refreshments will be served. All flower arrangers will be welcome to help decorate the church on Thursday 10th October. The harvest offerings this year are for George Mills' charity British Aid for Deprived Children. Please read in News for All Parishes the list of items he requires. There will be a Cake, Produce and Preserves Stall for which donations will be gratefully received.


Broxted's Dick Knowles entered his Morris Eight 1934 in the P & A Wood Vintage Car Display at the Show. This was a gleaming bright red, with immaculate leather interior and highly polished metal parts. Having found the car in a dilapidated condition, Dick undertook the restoration work himself over a period of four years. His hard but enjoyable work was rewarded when he found after the judging had taken place that he had received second prize. Congratulations Dick!


Stansted Airport Expansion

More than 120 people attended the meeting called by the Parish Council on 21st August to discuss the plans to enlarge Stansted Airport. Peter Gowan, Vice Chairman of the Stop Stansted Expansion campaign, detailed what was being proposed and the effect it would have on the village of Broxted and the surrounding area. He then answered a number of questions from the floor, and explained what could be done to register disapproval of what was planned. The Parish Council is affiliated to the campaign and has a supply of posters, car stickers etc. which are available from the Clerk, Chitlands, Brown's End Road, Broxted (tel: 01279 850638). For up to date news of the campaign visit its web site at www.stopstanstedexpansion.com or Broxted Parish Council's web site at www.broxted.org.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 13th November in the Village Hall at 8.00pm. Residents are always welcome to attend these meetings; the Council welcomes their comments and suggestions.


The Crazy Kitchen at the Countess of Warwick's Jubilee Show was a great success, with over £270 being raised for the Community Association over the two days. Especially popular were the plates bearing a picture of Alistair Darling – everyone wanted to smash those to pieces! Many thanks to all those who contributed crockery, you'll be pleased to know that we already have three boxfuls ready for next years' Show!

Quiz Night

On Saturday 12th October at 7.30 for 8.00pm the Broxted Community Association will be holding a quiz night in the Village Hall for teams of up to six people. £5 per person to include supper. Contact Rachel on 01279 850047.



On 10th August, Holly Imogen, the daughter of Mike and Sharon Bathard, was welcomed for her baptism. It was lovely to see so many friends and relations witnessing the occasion, many of them children who enjoyed the ceremony.


On the 24th August Melissa Whitty married Russell Haigh in the lovely setting of Broxted church. We wish them lots of happiness in their marriage.


We send deepest sympathy to the family and many friends of Mrs Louise Burchell who passed away on the 5th September. Mrs Burchell was an artist whose work was enjoyed by many people. She lived in Broxted for 43 years before moving to Colchester to be near her family. A private cremation has taken place but a memorial service will be held in Broxted at a later date.


Last month we featured a letter from a resident who lives on the edge of the proposed new Airport boundary. This month we repeat, with his permission, a letter that Mr Roger Barltrop who lives in West Sussex has sent to Sir Alan Haslehurst:

"I write as a member of a family which has its roots in northwest Essex, and generations of which lived in Broxted over five hundred years. It is an area that I know well, although I have not myself had the pleasure of actually living there. But, with my background, I am, along with so many people who do reside in the area, gravely concerned at the threat of such major development of Stansted Airport as is described in the Government's consultation paper.

"I know that a campaign is building up in the area to oppose such major development; but I do not know whether campaigners are deploying what seems to me a singularly strong argument: that it is quite wrong for HMG to leave Gatwick out of consideration simply because of BAA's commitment to the West Sussex County Council not to build a second runway at Gatwick before 2019.

"The consultation paper is considering the possible needs for additional aircraft/passenger capacity up to 2030; and recognizes that growth in traffic will be gradual. On this basis, there is no justification for leaving Gatwick out of the reckoning. There could be an extra runway there from 2020. Moreover a comparison of the effects of that (Annex F of the paper) with even just one extra runway at Stansted, let alone two or (God forbid it) three, shows that in several respects the environmental damage in the case of Stansted would be more severe.

"I might add that Sussex Enterprise, representing business leaders in the area, is strongly critical of HMG's omission of Gatwick, on the basis that an extra runway there would both benefit the local economy and help to meet the rising demand for air travel in the South East. I myself would be happy to see no extra runway at either."


(which includes Great Easton and Broxted) from PC 1743 Dave Rout

There have been a few incidents in the area recently. During the early hours of Friday 23rd August nine crates of alcho-pops were stolen from the Prince of Wales Public House. Did you see or hear anything or do you know of anybody who had lots of this kind of drinks?

During another unrelated incident, several hundred baby pheasants and partridges were released from pens within the Broxted area. This was made to look as though people concerned for the welfare of the birds committed it. If it was, it was not thought through, as the birds were too young to survive. It could have been that they were stolen to resale. A car was set light to near School Villas at Broxted, not only causing damage to it, but to other vehicles close by.

There were two burglaries in which antiques were stolen in the Great Easton area. One was at P & A Wood, the Rolls Royce dealers, on the night of the 22nd July, where a window was smashed and a grandfather clock stolen. The other, on the night of 15th August, was at a house where the occupants had gone away for the night and entry was gained by smashing a rear kitchen window.

Stebbing also had a few incidents. A pink motorcycle was stolen from the drive of a remote house during the night of 23rd July. There were also twenty used railway sleepers stolen during the period 20th/21st August. Then on the night of 21st August two houses had their sheds entered in the High Street. From one two cycles were stolen, but these were later recovered in bushes on the other side of the brook. From the other various power tools were stolen. In the early hours of 31st August some local lads, believed on their way home from a night out, gate-crashed the scene of what had been a young teenagers' party in the High Street, and one was seen to steal a lap top computer and another some CDs.

If you know anything about any of these offences, or any others, please contact Dunmow Police Station or call Crime Stoppers.

Now having read the above, how safe is your property? have mentioned before (sometimes I feel too often), that alarms are needed in not only houses, but in outbuildings too. Do you have any item that is valuable to you? What would the cost be of replacing it or is it not replaceable? These are questions you should ask yourself. If the answer is that it would be cheaper to install an alarm, then install it. Upgrade locks or padlocks, use security head screws - during the shed burglaries the hinges were unscrewed. If you use a padlock, use the ones with hardly any exposed shank.

This is relatively low crime area, so please let's take those extra precautions we can all make to keep it that way.

For non-emergencies contact Dunmow Police Station on 01371 872208.


Along with many people in the Five Parishes we were shocked to discover the extent of the proposals for the expansion of Stansted Airport. Our school just about remains on the map but with up to three runways in one direction and a new link road in the other, our environs would be changed dramatically. We are still debating the implications for the education of our children in the Five Parishes. At our Governors' Annual General Meeting at the end of the month we shall be holding an additional meeting for parents to explore the proposals with reference to the school. We shall then make an informed response to the proposals as part of the consultation process.

One of the units of study for geography for ten and eleven year olds is about a local issue. Suffice it to say that Class 5 is studying the Airport as their topic for the first half of this term and will be having first-hand experience of persuasive writing as well as real live "citizenship" issues. Classes 3 and 4 are looking at Invaders and Settlers. This is traditionally about Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans and the legacy that they have left but perhaps we should add modern day transport and its invasive and disruptive impact on local communities.

During the summer holiday we received the report for the inspection of Religious Education and Collective Worship that took place at the end of June. We are delighted to announce that "the school is to be commended for the high quality of provision in all the areas inspected". The report also stated that the school lives up to its aim of creating an "active partnership and atmosphere of trust between church, family and school" and is working successfully in the context of a "happy and secure Christian environment". Such success is only possible with the commitment and hard work of all our staff and governors. We are most fortunate too in having such a supportive local community. Our thanks go to everyone who has made this possible.

Gill Hopkins


See also www.greateaston.essex.sch.uk.

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