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Broxted, Essex  

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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting

Broxted Village Hall, Thursday, 29 April 2004

Present were:

Jenny Oliveira (Chair), Brenda Andersen, Tony Barnes, Roger Clark, Doris Greenway, Rachel Kesterton, Kate Pedler, Peter Smith

Apologies for Absence:

Carol Barnes, Phyllis Clark, Sarah Cousins

Notice convening the meeting

Jenny Oliveira welcomed everyone to the AGM.

Minutes of the previous AGM

These were agreed to be a true and fair record. There were no matters arising.

Chairman's report

Jenny reported that it had been a good year. She specifically highlighted the fact that:

  • We had undertaken all our usual activities – participation in the Countess of Warwick's Country Show, the late night shopping evening, the Children's Christmas party, Pensioners' parcels;

  • We held a dance, which we had not previously done in the recent past, which was both enjoyable and profitable;

  • The committee has expanded as Brenda and Kate joined us during the year.

She thanked the committee for its hard work during the year.

Treasurers' report

Jenny read this in Sarah's absence. Key points were:

  • The balance stands at £322.

  • The year followed the same pattern as last year with the one difference that we did not have a quiz night as our funds were sufficiently high in the autumn to allow us to fund our Christmas activities without one.

  • Sarah stated her willingness to continue as Treasurer for another year.

Election of the committee and other members

Election of the Committee took place as follows:

Chairman – Jenny Oliveira.

Proposed by Rachel Kesterton. Seconded by Peter Smith.

Secretary – Rachel Kesterton.

Proposed by Roger Clark. Seconded by Brenda Andersen.

Treasurer – Sarah Cousins.

Proposed by Peter Smith. Seconded by Tony Barnes.

The committee thanked the above for their hard work in the previous year.

Other members:

Village Hall committee rep: Doris Greenway

Church rep: Peter Smith

Parish Council rep: Roger Clark

General members: Carol and Tony Barnes, Kate Pedler.

Jenny proposed the above en bloc. The committee agreed.

Any other business

  • Broxted Website

    The editor of the Broxted website would like some information on the Community Association, for example a copy of these minutes.

  • 29-30 August. Countess of Warwick's show.

    Our stall is booked. We have plenty of crockery, thanks to an agreement between Roger and the St John's Ambulance brigade's local branch whereby he receives all the rejects from their charity shops. Cyril monk has agreed to make more balls for us.

  • Disco

    Roger Clark suggested a family summer disco, but after discussion and tentative enquiries about availability of key players, it was decided to delay further consideration of this until the autumn when we would have a better chance of being able to book Jason for the disco for the following summer.

  • Quiz Night

    Roger is happy to oversee a quiz night in the autumn.

  • 27 June. SSE Open Gardens in Broxted.

    Several people present were participating but we did not see any opportunity for the Community Association to benefit financially from this.

  • November Table Top Sale

    Doris is planning a November Table Top sale in the Village Hall at which the Community Association plans to have a stall.

Date of next meeting

Tuesday 20th July at 8 pm in the ‘Prince of Wales’.


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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

Stop Stansted Expansion

External link to the FIVE PARISHES

Five Parishes

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