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Takeley Parish Council's response to BAA's revised Home Owner Support Scheme


7 October 2004

Mr.Terry Morgan
Managing Director
BAA Stansted

Dear Mr.Morgan

BAA - Home Owners Support Scheme

It is difficult to describe the depth of disappointment that the ‘Home Owners Support Scheme’ has generated in the Takeley community. Disappointment has moved to anger and resentment as the true implications of the scheme sink into the minds of the residents of this blighted community.

BAA could not have driven a firmer wedge through the Takeley community if they had tried and many firmly believe this was the intended strategy all along. Takeley is now clearly divided into a community who may, or may not be, supported by BAA's ‘Home Owners Support Scheme’. For many there will be no way out until the vague hope of compensation through the Land Compensation Act, some eight to ten years away.

BAA is in contravention of Article 8 of the ‘European Charter for Human Rights’ which states that ‘everyone has the right to respect for his private and family life, his home and his correspondence’. Takeley Parish Council are seeking legal advice.

The scheme treats Takeley unfairly. There is no moral basis for a decision that effectively splits the population of Takeley into ‘haves & have nots’, while fully safeguarding and supporting the Bambers Green community, who are no closer to the 66 leq contour line.

What is the reasoning for the exceptional consideration given to the Bambers Green community, and why has this level of support not been shared with the Smiths Green, Brewers End & Takeley Street communities ?

Takeley Parish Council dispute the criteria for choosing the 66 leq as the basis of the ‘HOSS’ to decide who is or who is not blighted and needs support. It has seen no clear evidence to support the claim that the Department for Transport have fully endorsed this scheme. We ask again how rail travel can be compared to air travel as a basis for support schemes of this magnitude.

Takeley is now a divided community. It should have, and deserves to have had, fair and equal support and treatment from BAA for all its residents. The Takeley community should be seen as a whole, and not as a group of disparate neighbourhoods to be played off against one another.

BAA have lost a wonderful opportunity to set the standard and precedent for support for communities like Takeley, who now face unparalleled levels of emotional, financial, environmental & cultural devastation in the path of this proposed vast national project.

Residents close to the 66 leq contour line are still unable to identify clearly which property is inside and which is outside the line, and advice from BAA's ‘Help Line’ has been vague to say the least. Takeley Parish Council demand that, at the very least and out of basic professional courtesy, BAA informs all individual households if they qualify or not for the ‘HOSS’.

BAA tenants in Mole Hill Green, many of whom have been exemplary stewards of BAA property for up to 20 years, will receive no support. This is also morally wrong and action should be taken to support them. For a company that has continually stressed that it wishes to be a good neighbour and a positive influence in the local community, this behaviour is reprehensible.

Takeley Parish Council now urge BAA to reconsider the ‘Home Owners Support Scheme’ and support the Takeley community as a whole.

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Response to BAA's original consultation - issued 6 May 2004 by Takeley Parish Council

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