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Presentation to the Development Control Committee of Uttlesford District Council

by Broxted Parish Council 3rd July 2006

on BAA's Planning Application for the maximum use of the existing runway (Generation 1)

Thank you for this opportunity to address the Committee.

I am Roger Clark, Vice Chairman of Broxted Parish Council; I have lived in this area for 32 years. For those of you who don't know, Broxted is a small village lying immediately northeast of the airport and underneath the flight path. Broxted is overflown by every flight arriving at or leaving the airport, and together with our friends in Great Hallingbury we must be the most affected parishes in the area.

I guess I am speaking for all the small Parish Councils, for it seems that we have no voice when it comes to decisions of this nature. As you know in recent years we have seen consultation after consultation and although only a small council we have done what we could to highlight just how awful matters already are, and how much worse they could get, yet it seems that nobody is listening. Our views on night flights, the draft interim master plan and the need for, and the siting of a second runway all seem to have been ignored.

The last few weeks have been the worst I can remember for aircraft noise. The weather has been beautiful and to be up and about early in the morning has been truly a joy. Then, at 6.00 it starts. Airplane after airplane, at about 60 second intervals overflying the village. The noise from one has hardly faded away before the next one is overhead. It is almost impossible to listen to the Today programme! This goes on and on. As I write this at 18.00 hrs on a Sunday evening it has started again, one after the other. Just about the hottest day of the year - plans for a barbecue in the garden? You must be joking. And to think that it could get even worse! I know BAA will say that they have offered double glazing, but who wants to be indoors with all the windows closed in July? In the countryside?

My Council did what it could to oppose the increase to 25 mppa and was extremely disappointed when that permission was granted. It is true to say that we felt betrayed by the then DCC, which appeared not to understand the awful enormity of what it was sanctioning. That an application to more than double the number of passengers using the airport is even being considered fills us with dread.

If I can use a playground analogy, we small kids are extremely grateful to the likes of CPRE, FoE, and of course SSE with its amazing expertise and talent, for defending us against the bullies. For that is what BAA is. It is using its strength and power to achieve its aims, not for world domination perhaps, but certainly to dominate North Essex, East Hertfordshire and parts of Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. It wants to dominate the skies, the transport infrastructure (witness what has already happened on the Liverpool Street line), it wants to dominate the employment scenario, and therefore a great deal of future housing development, and from this cynical application ‘purely to remove one condition, and amend another’ with its seventeen volumes of misleading and confusing detail, it seems that it wants to dominate the planning process and this Council too.

As I say, we are grateful to SSE for standing up for us small kids in the playground, but at the end of the day we look to the teachers, you Councillors, to put a stop to the bullying. If BAA were to get its way again, it will only be a question of time before it is back for more. It has to be stopped. It should have been stopped at 15 mppa. It has to be stopped at 25 mppa. We look to you to do what must be done, fully aware that this may lead to appeals and continuing uncertainty; that it may lead to more expense, and perhaps increased Council tax bills. You have our backing and our support. Please don't let us down.

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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

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External link to the FIVE PARISHES

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