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Response to BAA's consultation on the siting of an additional runway at Stansted Airport ("Stansted Generation 2: December 2005 Consultation")

issued 2 March 2006 by Broxted Parish Council

Mr T. Morgan,
Managing Director,
BAA Stansted
Essex CM1 3BR

Dear Mr Morgan,


Please accept this as the formal response of Broxted Parish Council to your consultation on the siting of an additional runway at Stansted Airport.

This Council has always been firmly opposed to any further expansion at the airport, whether that be an increase in the number of aircraft movements or a second runway. Nothing in your consultation document has persuaded the Council to change this position.

The words of Sir Graham Eyre that a second runway would be ‘an environmental catastrophe’, and an ‘unprecedented and wholly unacceptable major environmental and visual disaster’ are often quoted, but are as true today as they have ever been. A second runway, wherever it is situated, is just unacceptable. It is opposed by every District Council in Essex, by both Essex and Hertfordshire County Councils, The East of England Regional Assembly and many airlines. Even the Treasury has grave concerns about the feasibility of a second runway. It really is ‘the runway that nobody wants’.

Any further expansion of the airport will have no benefits whatsoever for the local communities. Job opportunities are likely to be few, and the pressure on local housing provision will make it harder still for local young people to find a home in the area. Pressure on each part of the infrastructure will increase, further eroding our quality of life.

By outlining new possible locations for a second runway you have spread even further the generalised blight which has affected much of this area for many years. Whole communities have now found their homes and way of life under threat. You claim to have sent the consultation to 38,000 homes in the area. Presumably you are seeking their views because you think that they will all be affected in some way by a further runway. Therefore you must accept that they are now blighted by that prospect. But still you make no attempt to address this blight, as required in the Government Air Transport White Paper, other than two limited and mean spirited schemes that apply to a tiny fraction of those affected.

You say that you will be consulting further on road and rail infrastructure, and again on flight paths. This is unacceptable. You have said that these plans are not dependent on the precise location of a second runway, but it is difficult to believe this. It is impossible to make any kind of assessment of your various proposals without all the information. It appears that you are attempting to wear down the opposition to your plans by issuing a stream of draft plans, interim plans and sham ‘consultations’. To put forward four possible locations for the runway, and to state your own preference, gives the clear impression that your mind has been made up.

The information contained in the consultation document is woefully deficient and inadequate for the purpose of making an informed decision about runway location. Given the amount of time and money you have spent on the document this cannot have been accidental. The response you appear to be seeking is ‘as far away from me as possible’. If no clear choice emerges from the consultation you are undertaking perhaps you are assuming you will then be free to go ahead with your preferred option.

Broxted Parish Council is a supporter of the Stop Stansted Expansion Campaign, and is indebted to it for the thorough and professional way it researches issues concerning the airport. The Council totally endorses SSE's response to this consultation document.

Yours sincerely,

P. Clark (Mrs)


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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

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External link to the FIVE PARISHES

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