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Stansted submits planning application to increase use of existing runway

(press release issued 26 Apr 2006 by BAA)

BAA Stansted today submits its planning application to Uttlesford District Council to seek permission for the next phase of growth and development at the airport. The application, titled ‘Generation 1’, is about growing the airport on its existing single runway and is separate to the work being undertaken to develop proposals for a second runway at Stansted and for which a planning application will be made later next year.

The application seeks planning permission for Stansted Airport to grow beyond existing planning condition limits, imposed in 2003, which restrict the passenger numbers to 25 million passengers per annum (mppa) and the number of air transport movements (ATMs) to 241,000 per year.

Stansted is now the UK's third busiest airport serving over 22 million passengers a year. It is expected the current permitted limit of 25 mppa will be reached in 2008.

The Generation 1 application focuses purely on lifting the condition limits and seeks permission to increase the number of ATMs to 264,000 per year. If permitted the effect of the proposed development would enable Stansted to grow to serve about 35 mppa — a level that is forecast to be reached in 2014. The application does not seek permission for any additional physical developments or facilities that do not currently have planning approval.

The application is accompanied by an Environmental Statement, which includes a full assessment of the proposed development, and a Planning Statement, which includes an assessment of how the proposed development accords with relevant national, regional and local planning policies. A Health Impact Assessment and Sustainability Appraisal are also being prepared and will be submitted to Uttlesford District Council shortly.Nick Barton, Stansted's Business Development & Planning Director

Nick Barton, Stansted's Business Development & Planning Director, said:"Today is an important day for Stansted and is the culmination of two years of extensive and wide-ranging studies and consultation on our proposals.

"We announced in April 2004 our intention to make full use of our existing single runway to keep pace with demand for increased business and leisure travel and to support the growing economies of the East of England and London. This approach is entirely consistent with Government policy to make best use of all existing airport runways and a priority if we are to continue the successful growth of services at Stansted that has recently enabled us to become the UK's third busiest airport.

"Last summer we launched our most comprehensive ever programme of public consultation to capture the views and opinions of as many people and organisations as possible and we are very grateful to all those who took the time to visit our exhibitions and engage with us on the issues they believed crucial to the development of Stansted.

"Consulting with all those interested in Stansted's future is a matter we take very seriously. The big issues for local residents concerned the effects of a busier airport on air noise and surface access. I'm pleased to say our studies show that air noise limits imposed on the airport in 2003, when we were granted permission to grow to 25mppa, will not be exceeded.

"On surface access Stansted already has the highest public transport mode share of all UK airports and we have identified a number of measures, including 18 new and improved bus and coach services which will serve the airport, the local community and the wider region to further increase the use of public transport in the years ahead. With these measures in place there will be no discernable difference on the road network during the peak hours.

"The studies we have undertaken form a comprehensive Environmental Statement that assesses the likely significant effects on the environment of the proposed Generation 1 development. It also identifies, where necessary, the measures required to offset the adverse effects of growing the airport.

"We have made great efforts to understand all the views expressed and have considered all the suggestions made in the preparation of our plans. This planning application represents the next important stage of Stansted's development, recognising how expansion can achieve the appropriate environmental, social and economic balance of interests that maintain Stansted's position as a responsible, international business in the local community."


  • Extensive public consultation on the Generation 1 proposals took place between 27 July 2005 and 31 October 2005, including 27 exhibitions in local towns and villages

  • The application is accompanied by a comprehensive Environmental Statement that assesses the effects of the Generation 1 development on a range of topics including Air Noise, Air Quality, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, Economic Effects, Employment and Housing Effects, Energy, Ground Noise, Landscape and Visual Impact, Nature Conservation, Surface Access, Third Party Risk, Waste, Water, Construction and Air Traffic Data

  • Full details of Stansted's development plans are available at www.stanstedairport.com/future.

Press release taken from the BAA Media Centre.

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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

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External link to the FIVE PARISHES

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