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Plans for new road link dropped as second runway development focuses on road capacity

(press release issued 7 Apr 2006 by BAA)

Plans for an M11/A120 link road to the north and east of Stansted Airport have been dropped.

Instead, consideration will be given by BAA to a significant upgrade of the links that already exist to the airport around Junction 8 of the M11. Two broad approaches will be studied. The first will look at improvements to the existing airport access from junction 8 and the A120; and the second will look at providing additional airport access immediately north of Junction 8 from the M11 and the A120. These proposals have been discussed with the Department for Transport and the Highways Agency and would reduce the environmental impact of the airport development.

BAA is to begin work very shortly on environmental surveys that will help to determine which of these two schemes would be the best to be included later this year in a wider public consultation on road and rail requirements for the proposed two-runway airport.

In a separate initiative, and in line with proposals set out in The Future of Air Transport White Paper published in December 2003, environmental survey information will also be gathered that will allow consideration to be given to the possibility of widening the M11 between the M25 and Junction 8. The findings will help to inform decisions on motorway capacity to accommodate future traffic growth in line with Government plans for regional growth and development as well as the future expansion of Stansted airport.

Alastair McDermid, second runway project director, said:

"As our plans continue to take shape for the second runway development, I am delighted that by dropping plans for the M11/A120 link road we have removed an element of uncertainty for those living in communities to the north and east of Stansted.

"This is very much in line with our commitment to the local community to share information with everyone just as soon as it is available.

"Our focus now moves to other options, and the environmental surveys that will help to decide which proposal to take through a full public consultation process. Only after all views have been taken into account, will the exact nature of the scheme to be included with our planning application for a second runway be decided. We expect this application to be made in summer 2007."

Notes to Editors:

  • Map available on request highlighting M11/A120 link road as presented in the SERAS consultation document, July 2002.

  • Extract from the Aviation White Paper, paragraph 11.37: - "Provision for surface transport infrastructure to support a new runway at Stansted will need to be developed in conjunction with emerging proposals for the Growth Area to serve not only links to London but also to the North and East Midlands in particular. Growth at and around Stansted from airport and wider regional development will place pressure on strategic and local surface transport infrastructure."

  • From same paragraph: "Work to date suggests that the following are likely to require further consideration in the context of a new runway:

    • increased capacity on the West Anglia Main Line, including platform lengthening and additional tracks on key sections;

    • peak capacity at Liverpool Street and Tottenham Hale;

    • increased capacity on the M11 between the M25 and the airport; and

    • enhanced local access (both road and public transport) to serve the needs of airport employees and the wider community in the Stansted area."

  • Also, taken from page 118, ‘Taking Forward Development at Stansted’ - "The Government will work with the airport operator, the SRA (whose functions have now been taken on by the Department, the Office of the Rail Regulator and Network Rail) and a range of regional and local partners in taking forward work urgently to identify robust and affordable surface transport solutions that would support growth of the airport and across the region."

Press release taken from the BAA Media Centre.

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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

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External link to the FIVE PARISHES

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