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Stansted urges community to ‘Have your say’

(press release issued 28 July 2005 by BAA)

Stansted Airport has launched its most extensive programme ever of public consultation on plans for growth and development at the airport. Last night, over 150 community leaders and representatives attended a briefing meeting at the Radisson Hotel to hear about the next phase of growth on the existing single runway at the airport.

This was held in advance of a series of 27 exhibitions that will be open to the public in local towns and villages during September and October. In addition, this week, nearly 200,000 homes in the area will receive Plane Talk, the airport's community newsletter, which invites local people to visit the mobile exhibition and have their say about the plans for growth at Stansted. The focus will be on the likely environmental, social and economic effects of growth.

Two public consultations were launched at the briefing. First, Stansted's draft Interim Master Plan which, in accordance with Government policy, sets out the vision for the growth and efficient operation of a single runway airport between now and 2015. Second, is a consultation on proposals to make better use of the existing runway to meet forecast growth in the shorter term.

All views expressed will help inform the content of the planning application that will ask permission to grow Stansted beyond current limits. The application will be accompanied by the airport's Interim Master Plan.

Speaking at the launch, Terry Morgan, Stansted's Managing Director, said:

"We have set out a very clear timetable for the growth of Stansted Airport. Our current priority, in line with Government policy, is to make better use of our existing runway - this is the focus of today's launch. We will begin a separate programme of consultation on our plans for a second runway later this year.

"We currently serve nearly 22 million passengers a year and expect to reach our current planning condition limit of 25 million passengers a year by 2008. It's vital we develop the airport to keep pace with demand for increasing numbers of leisure and business passengers and to serve the thriving regional economy.

"We now launch our most extensive and comprehensive programme of public consultation to share our thoughts on how we intend to develop the airport, and the likely effects of doing so, and wish to capture the views and opinions of as many people as possible.

"In setting out our plans we recognise that our international business is situated within a vibrant local community and an attractive rural location. We are proud of our environmental record so far, and the efforts we have made to grow the airport responsibly. Even so, we are keenly aware of our continuing environmental and social responsibilities and are determined, as we go forward, to achieve sustainable growth.

"We are fully committed to working with our local community, airlines, neighbours, and all those who are interested in the future of Stansted, and to consulting with them about the way we work, and our plans for growth.

"As we move forward with our plans, and seek permission to grow, I hope that together we can achieve the right balance of interests that will shape a future for Stansted, fit to serve a modern economy and deserving of its place as a responsible business in the local community."


  • A further planning application is required as the last permission, secured in 2003, has a number of conditions imposed by Uttlesford District Council, including:
    • limiting the annual number of air passengers to 25 million per annum
    • limiting the annual number of air transport movements to 241,000 (including a limit on cargo air transport movements of 22,500)
    • limit on the size of the area of the 57 dBAleq air noise contour
  • The proposed application seeks planning permission to:
    • Lift the current limit on air transport movements to 264,000
    • Address the planning condition that relates to passenger numbers
    • Undertake some modest additions to the physical developments already permitted
  • The application will not seek any lessening of the current night flight restrictions
  • The consultation period ends 31 October 2005
  • Full details of venues and dates of public exhibitions available at www.stanstedairport.com/future

Stansted Public Consultation and Development Timetable

  • July 2005 – October 05: Consultation on next phase of growth on the existing runway and publication of airport draft Interim Master Plan
  • Nov 2005 – Jan 06: Consultation on proposed location of second runway
  • Spring 2006: Consultation on road and rail schemes for second runway
  • Spring 2006: Submission of planning application for growth on the existing runway and publication of Interim Master Plan
  • Rest of 2006: Environmental Impact Assessment studies for second runway. Public consultation on airport draft Final Master Plan
  • 2007: Publication of airport Final Master Plan. Submission of planning application for second runway
  • 2013: Earliest date for new runway to open.

PUBLIC CONSULTATION JULY–OCTOBER 2005 - An invitation to inform our plans to make better use of the existing runway (Acrobat® format 3.4 MB) Stansted Airport - Interim Master Plan - Draft for Consultation July 2005 (Acrobat® format 0.9 MB)
PUBLIC CONSULTATION JULY – OCTOBER 2005 - An invitation to inform our plans to make better use of the existing runway Stansted Airport - Interim Master Plan - Draft for Consultation July 2005
3.4 MB 0.9 MB

Press release taken from the BAA Media Centre.

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External link to STOP STANSTED EXPANSION campaign

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External link to the FIVE PARISHES

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